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Jen’s English Tips – GOOD vs WELL







Here is the general rule:
‘Good’ is used as an adjective and ‘well’ is an adverb. In other words, use ‘good’ with nouns and ‘well’ with verbs.

Here are some examples:
He cooks well.
He’s a good cook.
I play the guitar well.
I’m a good guitarist.
Messi played well yesterday.
Messi is a good player.

You might hear (mainly Americans) say, “He did good.” This is grammatically incorrect but it is quite common to hear.

Now, let’s take a look at the exceptions of when we use ‘good’ as an adverb.

“Wow, it smells good in here!” – We use ‘good’ with the verb ‘smell.’ ‘You smell good’ is something you might say to someone who has nice perfume.

“The food looks good” – We use ‘good’ with the verb ‘look.’

You might also say that your friend looks good in her dress, ‘You look good!’

“This tastes good” – It is the correct grammar as we use ‘good’ with the verb ‘taste.’

“Sounds good” – You can say this to the waiter when you are asked if you want some chocolate cake for dessert. This is a way agree to something. It can also be used literally

when talking about music for example: ‘The band sound good tonight.’

“It was good” – You respond to the waiter when he asks, “How was the food?”

“I feel good!” – At the end of the meal you can say this as you are very happy


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