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Jen’s English Tip’s – Do Phrases




1. DO THE ACCOUNTSkeep a written record of money that is paid by and owed to a business

Fred is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business and his wife does the accounts.

2. DO AN ASSIGNMENTperform a piece of work that is given to you as part of your job or studies

I’m sorry, I can’t go out with you, guys. I’ve got to do this assigment for Ms Stone’s class.

3. DO BADLYnot to do well

Ron is doing so badly at school, his parents are planning to homeschool him.

4. DO YOUR BESTperform the best you can

’When are you planning to finish this report?’ ’It’ll be ready soon, I promise. I’ll do my best.’

5. DO THE CLEANINGperform cleaning work in the house

Mary would like to hire someone to help her do the cleaning. I don’t blame her. She has a full-time job, three children and a lazy husband.

6. DO THE COOKINGprepare meals

If you do the cooking, I’ll do the washing up.

7. DO A CROSSWORDsolve a puzzle by fitting words into spaces across and downwards

I like doing crosswords in my free time.

8. DO DAMAGEmake something less attractive or valuable by causing physical harm

They won’t be able to sell their house like this. The lightning did too much damage to the roof.

9. DO SOME DICTATIONspeaking aloud so that somebody can write down your words

Could you come to my office, Janet? I’d like to do some dictation.’

10. DO THE DISHESwash the dishes (plates, cups, bowls)

I did the dishes last night. Now it’s your turn.

11. DO YOUR DUTYdo the work that is your job or that you feel is your moral responsibility

I’ve done my duty for my country. Now I’d like to retire and take up fishing.

12. DO AN EXERCISEanswer a set of questions in a book

Please do exercise one on page 25 for homework.

13. DO SOME EXERCISEperform movements or activities to stay healthy

My doctor told me to do more exercise.

14. DO AN EXPERIMENTcarry out a scientific test

I don’t like the idea of doing experiments on animals.

15. DO A FAVOURdo something to help somebody else

Could you do me a favour and pick up my kids from school?

16. DO THE GARDENINGperform work in the garden

I’d like to move into a house, but my wife says we’re too old to do the gardening.

17. DO GOODhave a useful effect

I’m sure that a few days on a Caribbean island with a new boyfriend would do her good.

18. DO A GOOD JOBperform well

Thank you, guys. You’ve all done a really good job. You’ll be getting a pay rise soon.

19. DO YOUR HAIR/ MAKE UP/ NAILSstyle your hair/ apply make up/ apply nail varnish

My girlfriend spends hours doing her hair and make up every morning.

20. DO HARMcause damage

Well, she might say no, but I think it does no harm to ask.

21. DO HOMEWORKdo the work that’s been given to you by your teacher

You can go out and play with your friends as soon as you’ve done your homework.


22. DO HOUSEWORKwork and take care of a home and family (cleaning, cooking etc.)

I always do the housework in the morning before I go to work.

 23. DO THE IRONINGpress clothes so that they are smooth

I like watching films while doing the ironing.

 24. DO THE LAUNDRYwash dirty clothes and linen

We haven’t got a washing-machine so I have to go to a public laundromat to do the laundry.

 25. DO THE MATHreach a logical conclusion

Where do you think Jack’s spent the night? He’s wearing the same clothes as yesterday and he stinks of beer. Just do the math.

 26. DO NOTHINGnot act

I don’t like working with him. He just wants to do nothing and get paid.

 27. DO THE PAPERWORKdo the written work that is part of a job

I’ve spent the whole afternoon doing paperwork. I’m bored out of my mind.

 28. DO A PROJECTcarry out a planned piece of work

I’ve got to buy some sodium bicarb. My daughter is doing a science project at school.

 29. DO A QUIZanswer questions to test your knowledge

Do this quiz in five minutes and find out your IQ.

30. DO SOME READINGspend time reading to look for information

I don’t think you should buy that car. Do some reading first and find out if it’s a reliable model.

31. DO THE RIGHT THINGdo what you think is your moral duty

If you want to do the right thing, you should tell her about last night.

32. DO THE SHOPPINGbuy goods for your home (food, cleaning products etc.)

I wish I could do the shopping on my own. The kids keep nagging me to buy things for them.

33. DO SOME STUDY – spend time studying

I did some studying yesterday, but I don’t remember a word.

 34. DO TIMEspend time in prison

You’d better tell me what you saw that night if you don’t want to do time.

 35. DO A TRANSLATIONchanging something that is written in one language to another language

You have to be really creative to do a good translation.

 36. DO WELLprosper, succeed

Their new coffee shop is doing very well.

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