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Jen’s English Tip’s – Common phrasal verbs





Common phrasal verbs

Here is a list of phrasal verbs with their meaning.

Ward off: To ward something off is to prevent it from happening.

Wear off : When something wears off, it disappears gradually.

Walk off: To walk something off is to get rid of it by walking.

Make off: To make off is to leave a place in a hurry.

Put off: To put off is to postpone.

Make after: To make after somebody is to chase them.

Make away: To make away is to escape.

Make out: To make out is to pretend that something is true.

Make off: To make off is to leave a place in a hurry.

Make up: To make up is to invent something.

Hold back: To hold something back is to keep it secret.

Hold up: To hold something up is to delay it.

Hold down: To hold something down is to keep it low.

Hold on: To hold on is to wait.

Keep off: To keep something off is to avoid it from going onto a particular area of land.

Get around: To get around is to travel.

Get back: To get back is to come back.

Get by: To get by is to manage to do something with great difficulty.

Get in: To get in is to enter a place

Get out: To get out is to leave a place.


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