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Measures Implemented For Employees Furloughed Due to Covid-19



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With the present novel Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) rampaging the globe, many national governments have also taken measures to combat the onslaught of this deadly pandemic. Governments have enacted lockdowns that have forced many companies employees to be furloughed or lay off.

Social distancing and PPE usage has been the order of the day. In response to the socio-economic devastation resulting from this novel virus, many companies are forced to establish remote-working, facility closures, furloughs, and unfortunately, layoffs.

More people are losing their jobs each day as others are forced to work alternatively. Employees who are home on furlough are left in despair as to what comes next. This guide addresses humanitarian and employment challenges.

Alternative Infrastructures For Furloughed Employees

Individuals whose jobs have taken a hit from the Covid-19 pandemic may be entitled to certain benefits like paid family leave, paid sick leave, state work sharing, unemployment insurance, state or private disability insurance, or in some cases, workers’ compensation benefits.

Another way for affected employees to have a potential source of income is to take advantage of state’s “workshare” programs. With these programs, employers can retain certain employees by reducing the work schedules of a wider group of employees.

Ways To Improve Your Job Hunt During Covid-19

Employees on furlough can get another job whereby they are not satisfied with their current situations. Here are some tips that will improve your chances of landing your next job. Coronavirus job resources by provides guidance for applicants during this pandemic era.

  • Act Immediately During Covid-19

The job market can be likened to investing. Waiting for the right time to move in can be less productive and time-wasting. You do not have to wait for the right time to dust your CV or resume; just take immediate action. You have more edge over other furloughed employees with no action. One thing is worth noting, a company’s recruitment may slow down or speed up as a result of their hiring and business strategies, not due to a pandemic.

  • Widen Your Search

Furthermore it will interest you to know that not all companies and firms are affected by the Covid-19 virus and the socio-economic meltdown all over the world. Many businesses still operate daily. Why not try them out? Organizations are still hiring during this period. This is not the time to quit job hunting. Be up to date with latest job offers; get registered with several recruiting platforms. By doing so, you will be aware when a new offer arrives.

  • Engage In Constant Job Hunting Follow Ups

It is important to politely follow up on your job applications consistently. Inquire from the recruiter the next phase of the interview process. This act will keep you at alert with new information. You can improve your access to updates by leaving emails and voicemails for the staffing agency.

  • Job Hunting Delays Are Normal

With the on-going global pandemic, many companies are now switching to work-from-home strategies to improve productivity and safety measures. Hence, not many are focused on hiring new candidates. Consequently, there will be possible delays in the job market – prepare yourself towards that. Also stay optimistic and never stop searching.

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