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Chiang Rai Can Expect Heavy Rainfall over the Next Few Days





CHIANG RAI – Thailand will experience more rainfall over the next few days; people in low lying areas and others in sloping areas should be careful about the conditions and monitor announcements closely, said Thai Meteorological Department.

In the next few days, Thailand, especially the northern part, northeastern part, and Mekong River bank are advised of overflowing waterways.

During August and September, tropical storms will affect some parts of Thailand including northern, northeastern, and southwestern areas causing heavy rain and strong winds.

It is forecast that this year’s monsoon will end in October, while southeastern areas such as Pattalung, Songkhla, Yala, and Pattani Province will continue to see rainfall from October to November.

Meanwhile, the Tropical Storm Matmo heading towards the Philippines next week will not affect Thailand.

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