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Chiang Mai Police Sieze 80 Kg of Adulterated Honey

– CHIANG MAI – Seven people have been arrested with about 80 kilogram of honey diluted with corn syrup, sugar and honey fragrance in San Sai district. The adulterated honey was seized at a rented home on Tuesday evening by a team of police, health and administrative officials supported by soldiers. Ranya Ratanasing, the operator […]

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Monsoon Rains Cause Major Flooding in Chiang Mai

– CHIANG MAI – Heavy rain lashed Chiang Mai overnight and continued into the morning, triggering flooding and travel chaos across Muang district. Floodwater forced several schools to close for the day, several main roads were declared off limits after they were inundated with water up to 50 centimetres deep. Provincial governor Pawin Chamniprasat instructed […]

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Deputy National Police Chief Says Nine Police Officers Sacked Over Mae Hong Son Child Sex Scandal

  – MAE HONG SON – Thailand’s Deputy National Police Chief Srivara Ransibrahmanakul said yesterday, none police officers have been dismissed and put under serious disciplinary investigation after being implicated in the northern province’s child prostitution scandal. The nine officers include alleged racket operator Pol Senior Sgt Major Yutthachai Thongchat of Nam Piang Din police […]

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Police Arrested, Governor Transferred Over Mae Hong Song Child Sex Ring

– MAE HONG SON – A Thai court has approved three arrest warrants for Mae Hong Son policemen on suspicion of gang rape Monday but denied three other warrants for officers who are suspected of involvement in the sex trafficking of underage teenage girls. Decisions on the warrants were made by the Mae Hong Son […]

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Phrae Police Find Massive Drug Haul Hidden in Truck Transporting with Cabbage

– PHRAE – Police have arrested two men in Phrae province after uncovering a massive shipment of illegal drugs hidden in a truck filled with cabbages. As many as 858,000 methamphetamine pills and about 36 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine were found in bags hidden among piles of cabbage in the six-wheeled truck, which was intercepted […]

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Foreign Newspapers Apologie to Hmong Girls for Labeling them Tiny Thieves

– CHIANG MAI – The Sun of Britain and Daily Mail Australia media outlets have sent letters of apology to the parents of Hmong sisters, Dokmai, 10, and her younger sister Gaolhee, 7 for wrongly accusing them of being caught on camera stealing a British tourist’s watch at Doi Suthep temple several months ago. Chiang […]

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Rare Jungle Cats Sighted in Chiang Mai Omkoi Wildlife Sanctuary

    – CHIANG MAI – The sighting of rare jungle cats in northern Thailand has buoyed environmentalists and conservationists concerned that habitat loss and animal poaching are contributing to the species’ decline. The jungle cats (Felis chaus) are found across a diverse region of the globe — from Egypt, West and Central Asia, South […]

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