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Use a Local Travel Agency in Southeast Asia



Use a Local Travel Agency in Southeast Asia

People planning to get away to Southeast Asia once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides and the borders re-open often rely on travel agencies in their home countries to book all the details of their trip. But why wouldn’t you use a local travel agency in Southeast Asia to handle the details?

Unless the people employed by your trusted home travel bureau spend a large part of their time actually in Southeast Asia, they won’t actually be “handling all the details”; they’ll be passing your information on to a local travel bureau in Southeast Asia. And the local agency in Asia will be the ones setting everything up.

The local agency in Asia is staffed with English-speaking and skilled travel agents. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be trusted by your hometown travel agency.

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The Internet Changes Everything

The handing off of responsibilities to the agencies at a destination used to be a common practice in the travel industry. And small travel agencies located far away from the most requested travel destinations still wish this was the norm. But the truth is the internet has changed the whole dynamic of travel.

Travel agencies used to and still do to a certain extent, have an entire network of connections with agencies in travel destinations around the world. They would use this network to find people who could arrange the details for their customers. Most of these agents worked on a commission basis. Small travel agencies that gained a good reputation because of the extent of their contacts had a lot of loyal customers.

The internet has changed all that and made involvement by the small agency far away from the travel destination unnecessary.

Power of Direct Communication 

These days, an English-speaking travel bureau in Southeast Asia can communicate directly with potential customers via Zoom or Skype. You can speak face to face with an agent and get a feel for the quality of the tour they can deliver by the questions they ask and the suggestions they offer. And after all, isn’t this precisely how you chose your hometown travel bureau?

The only thing that’s changed is the distance between the two of you. But your hometown agency might have been using this very agent to book a trip for another one of their customers. If they trust local travel agencies in Southeast Asia, why shouldn’t you?

The internet has enabled comprehensive websites showing exactly what a local travel bureau in a travel destination can offer. You can check credentials and read customer reviews of their services online as well.

The power of direct communication is making travel arrangements more transparent and ridding travel of a lot of the middlemen who used to charge commissions for their services.

By dealing directly with a travel agency in Southeast Asia, you can be assured that you’ll be experiencing what you expect during your trip of a lifetime to a fascinating region of the world.


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