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Investing in Porto Before the Portuguese Golden Visa Changes



property Investment in Porto Before the Portuguese Golden Visa Changes

Portuguese Golden Visa is one of the most popular programs in the EU due to its low minimum investment and the flexibility of funds options. Without mentioning, it also opens a door for EU citizenship through a simple process.

However, following the new amendments to the program taking effect in January 2022, many international investors rush to grab a share in the real-estate hot-spots in Porto before the municipality is out of the list, just a few months come.

The new regulations will limit the residency by investment program to low-density inland and central parts of Portugal, making Lisbon and Porto unavailable for Golden Visa investment in 2022. With the increasing number of investors in the rush hours for Porto, choosing the right investment can be life-changing.

At, we understand the benefits of choosing the right investments and the life-altering impacts of uninformed investment decisions.

If you’re on the move to investing in Porto’s real estate market, here are some of the most important things to consider before making your investment decision.

Let’s get cracking.

The location of the property

Porto is a prime investment destination for many international investors due to the many advantages that the city boasts.

From its unmatched aesthetics, friendly culture, world-class cuisine, bustling neighborhoods, and value for money, Porto proves to be one of the best locales for property investment worldwide, with outstanding property appreciation rates.

As such, those who are proactive enough to grab investment opportunities during this transition period have a greater potential to reap overwhelming profits as the city’s value skyrockets.

The Project Choice

Sealing a deal on a property in the city with great value for money like Porto sounds like a Good luck. But, that’s not all.

If you’re looking for the best return on your investment, you have to choose the best property from the available options.

Whether you’re looking to have a flashy residential apartment in the magnificent city or a real investment within the scope of the Golden Visa, your investment in Porto can pay off earlier than you could imagine.

The return on investment

Your goal for investing in Porto real estate market should focus more on the return on investment than just getting a golden visa. As such, you should choose a property that can fetch a reasonable return in rent and appreciation.

If you’re looking for the best appreciation rates in real property investment, Porto is one of the prime locations with the ever-appreciating value of the housing market.

While many cities experienced a drop in real estate performance during the 2020 pandemic, the Porto region recorded a significant value increase of 6.77%. This was above Portugal’s average and approximately 0.75% higher than the real estate market value increase in Lisbon.

The investment company

While you might find some lucrative projects with a potentially high return on investment, it’s worth knowing your partner when working towards your Golden Visa ambitions.

Ensure the investment company handling your project has a track record of outstanding performance in meeting their targets and provides easy exit.

The information can help you know whether the company will rake in the target amount or their promises are impractical.

At, we help all our clients to find profitable investment projects without a hassle. Our experts evaluate a long list of investment options and present only opportunities with foreseeable profits in the future. Get in touch today and get started with your journey towards Golden Visa Investment without fear or doubt.

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