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How Phuket Thailand Became a Travel and Retirement Destination

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Thailand still has a rather negative image among many people, because many think of Thailand as party, loud music and especially sex for sale. The image that many have of Thailand is probably more reminiscent of the Ballermann in Mallorca than of one of the most beautiful vacation destinations at all. One of the most famous islands in Thailand is Phuket.

This city is mainly known for the evening parties and the many opportunities to have fun. The beautiful island owes this image to the many GIs who were stationed there during and after the Vietnam War. The American soldiers were mainly looking for their personal pleasure in Phuket, which is why there are still so many bars and pubs.

After the war ended and the soldiers left, backpackers discovered the island for themselves. It was to take until the 1980s for Phuket to undergo another decisive transformation. Because in the mid-1980s, the very first luxury hotel of the highest class was built in Nai Harn Beach in the south of the island.

This first luxury hotel was responsible for the tourism authority in Thailand suddenly preferring to attract tourists with a full wallet rather than backpackers. This richer audience also ensured that more and more luxury properties were built on Phuket, and as a result, more and more architects settled in Phuket. Suddenly an enormous building boom arose and one architect company after the other was founded in Phuket.

Buying real estate in Phuket

If you plan on settling on Phuket you might consider buying real estate there. If you plan on doing so it is of big importance to select a native partner in order to avoid legal mistakes. The law in Thailand is very complicated and there are many rules to follow if you want to build your residence there. Working together with an experienced architect in Phuket is the best way to get the desired results. A group of architects like “The OnlyOne Architecture Group” can offer all the services you need.

Before buying or building a house in Thailand it is very recommended to visit the country multiple times. You can find dozens of really great hotels for your stay and after you became more acquainted with the beautiful country and the people, there is still time left to talk to an architect and build the beach house of your dreams.

More hotels for more luxury

This first luxury hotel was the starting point for countless luxury resorts all over the island. Moreover, in addition to the classic hotels, other types of resorts developed, such as cottages, apartments and unusual accommodations. In addition to the options of upscale accommodation, luxurious restaurants, spas and many other leisure facilities from the higher price segment also joined in the course of time. Phuket has a quite luxury Real Estate Market, with many High-End Luxury Villas for Sale. To find the right one, we recommend you an experienced and well-known real estate agency.

The country of Thailand has since been trying to promote the better and more expensive hotels in order to attract the appropriate clientele. Because of this, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is trying to focus much more on this type of tourist and get away from the bad image of party vacations and drunken tourists. The hotels responded to the increased demand for accommodation with luxury facilities and so over the years more and more noble hotels were created.

Unlimited possibilities on Phuket

Phuket offers its visitors much more than just luxury hotels and great resorts. The absolute landmark of Phuket is the so-called Big Buddha. This is a nearly 650 meter high Buddha, which sits on a hill and looks down into a beautiful bay.

From up there, every tourist can enjoy a wonderful view and look at the great beaches. The upscale hotels in this idyll are ideal for people looking for luxury accommodation combined with stunning nature and all kinds of leisure activities.

Phuket is located in the southwestern part of Thailand and is not far from the mainland. It is the largest island in the country in terms of area. Every beach on Phuket is next to the island’s impressive jungle and the palm trees on the beaches make it a perfect vacation paradise.

Just as impressive as the beaches is the island’s flora and fauna, rare species and colorful animals can be found there in the air, on land and in the water. Phuket’s flora and fauna is as diverse as the recreational activities that can be pursued on the island.

Sports, for example, range from diving, snorkeling and swimming to surfing and kite surfing. Phuket offers something for everyone and is therefore extremely popular with all types of vacationers. Furthermore, tourists on Phuket can expect excursions to the most beautiful places on the island, which are simply amazing.

The beautiful old town of Phuket

The old town of Phuket is also worth a visit for all tourists, because the beautiful city convinces its visitors with beautiful buildings and an incomparable character. An architect in Thailand and especially in Phuket will immediately feel at home among the beautiful colonial era buildings.

This architecture is so unique in all of Thailand. The houses all have different colors and this colorful cityscape is extremely impressive. Especially the Chinese and Portuguese occupiers have left their mark in Phuket Old Town. Most of the buildings can be directly assigned to an architectural style.

Phuket was largely destroyed by a war at the beginning of the 19th century, only after that more and more Chinese and Portuguese came to the beautiful island and have thus brought their architectural styles into today’s cityscape.

Feel good in luxury

The noble hotels in Thailand and especially on Phuket offer a unique feel-good ambience and most of them are located so that visitors can enjoy a wonderful view. In addition to the hotels, there are also very private accommodations that are also full of luxury and that do not let you get out of the amazement.

It does not matter whether the vacation is preferred to be spent as a family, alone or as a couple. Among the luxury accommodations you can find the perfect houses, hotels, apartments and even bamboo huts that offer a generous luxury inside for every gusto.

On Phuket today is still being built a lot, so whoever wants to have a luxury private villa built by an architect, can find on Phuket everything he needs: land, construction companies as well as the appropriate architect. However, the land prices are no longer comparable with those of the 90s and someone who wants to build there, must definitely dig deep into his pocket. But it is worth it, because a luxury private villa in the middle of the jungle with a view of the beautiful blue sea has its price.

The right vacation for everyone

Phuket is still a destination for large masses of tourists, but the large luxury hotels have now ensured that there is a balance between mass and luxury vacations. This is partly due to the fact that guests of the luxury hotels do not really leave their properties very often and prefer to stay within the hotel property.

On the one hand, this hurts the local economy because the bars and tourist attractions get nothing out of vacationers who are only in the hotel. On the other hand, this way the small beaches and the tourist attractions are less flooded. Another negative point are the overbuilt beaches and nature, which has to give way more and more. The Thai Ministry of Tourism attaches great importance to break this demarcation and to lure the tourists out of their hotels.

Many of the noble hotels offer their guests trips into smaller Thai restaurants and bars, in order to become acquainted with the regional specialities and also to appreciate. A vacation in Thailand, but especially on Phuket is always and for everyone worth a vacation.


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