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Elephant Pants Are the Must Have Fashion for Thailand’s Tourists

Want to look like a local in Thailand? Don’t wear ‘elephant pants’ there’s no better choice, if what you want is for your outfit to scream ‘I’m a foreign backpacker’ to the locals

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Elephant Pants Are the Must Have Fashion for Thailand's Tourists

Fashion is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to elephant pants, they are rarely worn by local Thais. These light and breezy trousers can be found in abundance in tourist areas, once made famous by the film The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

There, they’re a phenomenon worn by a near majority of tourists during the day, when they are sold on the sides of the street for as little as 150 baht each.

Elephant Pants very popular

elephant pants thailand

Shopkeeper Sawat Daengurai said he has been selling clothes on Khaosan road for about a decade, however. Sales only started picking up when he began to sell the elephant pants around three years ago.

“I used to sell tank tops here but the elephant pants and hippy pants are more popular,” he said. “I started selling them later than everyone else.”

What would it be advisable for you to think about elephant pants?

The elephant pants are essentially bohemian pants, they are intended to be exceptionally huge, brimming with style and unimaginable thoughts and that is the thing that you will like about them directly from the beginning. Besides their boho insouciance, the elephant pants are additionally about offering detachment, solace, and the right wind stream. These pants are awesome for globe-trotters, individuals that need to investigate new areas, see new spots, etc. Doing this sort of stuff is mind-boggling, it offers new viewpoints and in the end, it tends to be really astonishing and enjoyable to investigate.




Are elephant pants useful for men?

That relies upon the circumstance. Men can wear elephant pants, yet everything descends to your style. Typically men will track down these extremely accommodating and advantageous, and yet they can look a bit silly. They are better for thin individuals, yet even overweight individuals can wear them on the off chance that you center around the right arrangement of styles and thoughts. It’s a test right away, valid, however, in the event that you require some investment and do this admirably, nothing will hold you up.

Very colorful

You will see most elephant pants will in general be clearly. Particularly with regards to seeing them locally. In any case, generally the significant thing to zero in on is the huge scope of shadings out there. You can discover elephant pants in turquoise, brown, red, blue, red and numerous different shadings. Since there are such countless choices to browse, you will have no issue tracking down the right one to suit your necessities. It’s an extraordinary chance and one that can possibly do contemplates whether you use everything effectively.

Red Elephant Harem Pants

Red Elephant Harem Pants

colorful elephant pants

colorful elephant pants

The materials utilized for elephant pants are not the most sturdy as we referenced above, yet they stand their ground and they are offering a definitive worth and quality available. That is the thing that truly helps a ton, the way that these pants will in general utilize incredible textures which are known for their versatility and breathability. Without a doubt, they are not the most solid, but rather the group of concubines pants and elephant pants overall are truly moderate, which implies you don’t actually need to stress over tracking down a cheap alternative. You will positively discover one, and it will be an extraordinary involvement with the day’s end. Try to know what you are getting into and effectively handle the entirety of this with certainty and core interest.

Great for kids as well

Something else to note about elephant pants is that they can undoubtedly be incredible for youngsters and grown-ups the same. It truly demonstrates how adaptable this sort of pants can be, and you will like exactly how great and diverse the entirety of this truly is. When you tackle and handle it accurately, nothing will hinder you, and that all alone can be amazingly intriguing and exceptional simultaneously. kids like having breathable garments and it suits somewhat well with their different exercises. In case you are energetic about wearing a wide range of cool pants, having elephant pants is a stunning encounter and an exceptionally cool one at that!

Girl pure black short sleeve T-shirt + elephant pants pants Haren trousers two sets children clothing for boys and girls

Girl pure black short sleeve T-shirt + elephant pants pants Haren trousers two sets children clothing for boys and girls

Never fail to buy a pair

elephant pants

Marissa Arranz, 50, from Spain said she has been to Thailand three times and has never failed to buy a pair of elephant pants on each visit. “They’re really comfortable to wear. They feel so fresh,” she said.

The wild patterns on the trousers resemble the designs of stitches that can be found in apparel made by hill tribe villagers. But the elephants that intersect the patterns mark the trousers with a distinguished Thai identity.

Elephants are the official national animal for Thailand and are deeply rooted in its culture and literature.

Backpackers casual wear in Thailand

elephant pants Thailand

“Foreigners like the elephant pants because when they see the elephants they think of Thailand,” says Mantana Kernkangpu. She sells elephant pants at MBK shopping centre in Bangkok. Also another major tourist destination for its cheap products.

Although the trousers may look Thai, Mantana said “I wouldn’t wear them myself. I’m too old. They’re not my style.”

Resemblance to harem pants

elephant pants

Cultural scientist Adam Geczy from the University of Sydney said the elephant pants have a clear resemblance to harem pants. Bohemian Harem Pants hand crafted in Northern Thailand

“However, there is a hippie edge to them which we would now call hipster,” Geczy said.

“These are not pants for the gentleman’s club,” said men’s grooming expert Bernhard Roetzel, author of the “Gentleman’s guide to grooming and style.” “Whoever wears them doesn’t want to go there at all.”

Source: SCMP

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