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5 Things You Need to Pack for a Long Flight after the Pandemic



5 Things You Need to Pack for a Long Flight after the Pandemic

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The excitement of getting ready for a holiday after the pandemic can mean that you forget to pack what you need for the actual journey. If you are heading across the ocean this summer, remember to take these essential things for your long-haul flight.


Air travel is a very dehydrating business. Air humidity is kept extremely low onboard aircraft by the circulation system. During a 10 hour flight, you lose around 4 percent of your body water, which is a great deal. You should drink around 8 ounces of water for every hour you spend in the air. Pack your foldable Vapur so that you can fill up in the airport without using disposable plastic bottles.


Don’t rely on your long-haul flight having any entertainment on board. Budget airlines do not always kit out their aircraft with the kind of wall-to-wall film and television that is seen on high-cost luxury planes. Bring your own book, download some movies onto your phone, or get stuck into a podcast. Do whatever you can to make sure you’re not left stuck looking at the clouds for hours on end.


Commercial aircraft are not really getting much comfier. Budget flights are often especially bare-bones, with cramped seats and very little in the way of creature comforts. The trick is to bring your own. A good travel pillow can feel like a real lifesaver during the 5th hour of a long-haul flight, so make sure to get one to help ensure you don’t get a stiff neck.


Your body needs carbohydrates in order to produce usable energy. It can be all too easy to get off a plane after a long haul flight feeling completely drained – not ideal for the first day of your holiday or the important opening of a work conference. Always try and consume some carbohydrates about an hour before you land so that you have enough energy to get through the airport.

Driving after a long haul flight can be exhausting if you have no energy. Eating around an hour before you pick your car up from your space after a flight across the Atlantic can help you stay safe and alert. Long lasting carbohydrates are the best choice. Something like a sandwich or a cereal bar releases energy slowly as it is digested.

Hard Sweets

When a plane ascends or descends through the atmosphere quickly, the pressure inside the cabin drastically changes – even if the aircraft is pressurized. This means that the pressure inside your ear is briefly different from the pressure outside. Your eardrum can stretch in the circumstances like this, which can cause a popping sensation or, in serious cases, intense pain.

The easiest way to ease this pressure differential (and the pain it causes) is to suck on some hard sweets. This eases the pressure in your eardrum by introducing air to the eustachian tube. Always make sure to carry a packet of hard sweets – or chewing gum – with you onto your flight.


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