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10 Cool, Fun and Interesting Things to do in Thailand



Place, 10 Cool, Fun and Interesting Things to do in Thailand

Thailand has constantly been one of the top places for tourist visits. Millions of tourists worldwide visit Thailand every year, and most people have visited Thailand a couple of times. Thailand has maintained the constant appeal of the people, be it tourists or be it, locals. There are also many things that can be equally enjoyed by the country’s locals like the tourists. Also, these things create an interesting, fun, and cool factor, and nothing more can be asked after getting served by so many things at one place.

Elephant Experience in Chiang Mai

Elephant Rescue Park in Chiang Mai is the place where you can spend time with elephants while feeding, bathing, and taking a walk with them. Most of the elephants here are rescued from a dangerous scenario where these elephants have been constantly mistreated and misused. In addition, you will also see The Elephant Poo Park, where you will learn about making papers out of elephant dung.

Koh Nang Yuan Island

Koh Nang Yuan will give you a tropical, jungle-covered, sand trip island experience and this place just gets better when visited with friends. You can also ride to two beautiful mountainous islands known as mini islands connected by Nangyuan Island through a boat from Koh Nang Island.

Slip N Fly in Koh Phangan

This place brings the fun of nightlife in the daytime. The place is always packed with thrill-seekers and has been one of the most visited places by the youngsters.

It has a huge water park with a body-boarding slide, splash pool, beer pong tables, and the park’s main attraction is the deep pool slide.

A hot air Balloon ride from Chiang Mai

The hot air balloon ride from Chiang Mai gives the city’s best views and, most importantly, also gives the view of sunrise. The view of sunrise from a hot air balloon is what brings the mass appeal of the place and is constantly visited by the locals and tourists.

Koh Phangan’s Secret Mountains

After navigating Koh Phangan’s mountains’ steep and adventurous roads, you will meet the secret mountain or secret thing. There resides a famous restaurant and bar which also has a poolside above the mountain, and this is the perfect place to have a thrilling hangout at the to of the mountain.

Thailand Temple Crawl

There are more than 40 thousand temples in Thailand, but an all-rounder favorite of the people is Doi Suthep Temple. This shiny golden beauty is located on top of a mountain and is surrounded by practicing monks in brightly colored robes, and the intense smell of burning incense creates the perfect impact.

Songkran Festival

Songkran Festival is a part of Thailand’s New Year’s celebrations and is considered the biggest water fight in the world. Locals, tourists, travelers, and everyone in between are taking to the streets armed with water guns, bottles, hoses, and buckets for the festival.

Chiang Mai’s Waterpark and Grand Canyon

The grand canyon is man-made, and it is the perfect place to raise your adrenaline rush. The dramatic red-brown cliffs, the zip line speeding, getting face to face with the obstacle course and slide, this place has it all. Also, the funky restaurant is the extra benefactor of this place.

Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok

Bangkok is known to have some of the best markets in the world, and Chatuchak is the best weekend market in Bangkok. There are 15,000 mini stalls in the market, and a person can definitely buy anything from here. Everything is easily available here in vintage Clothing, Traditional Thai Food, Animals, art, handmade art, etc.

Puzzle Room, Escape Room Of Bangkok

Puzzle Room is the No.1 escape room of Thailand and one of the famous escape rooms worldwide. This unique escape room gives the pressure and feels like a movie scenario, and the people are playing it can easily get blend into the escape room and fit into a boot of a movie character. This place is hugely visited by all age groups of people, from kids to adults.

Wrapping Up

From serene scenic beauty to mind-blowing islands and temples, Thailand has it all. This is why Thailand remains one of the happiest countries of the world and attracts a huge amount of tourist attractions every year. From simple to unique, everything can be easily found in Thailand. From Thai Markets to Thai Food, everything is hugely accepted by the people of different countries. Thailand’s authentic and simple aura is the main reason to attract people and keep the locals.


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