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Villagers in Doi Luang District of Chiang Rai Commemorate Khru Juling



Khru (teacher) Juling 24

Khru (teacher) Juling 24 was killed in Narathiwat nine years ago



CHIANG RAI – Villagers in Doi Luang District in Chiang Rai Province have performed a religious ceremony to commemorate teacher Khru Juling Pongkunmul who was killed in Narathiwat nine years ago.

Khru (teacher) Juling 24, was born in the northern province of Chiang Rai. Even though her family was very poor, with the financial assistance of family and friends who were amazed by her art talent – she graduated with honors.

Working as a teacher, Khru Juling could simply have stayed put in her home province and found a simple cozy school job. Selflessly however, she applied for the position of art teacher in the deep southern war-torn province of Narithiwat.

Before she started teaching, Juling and three friends spent two years drawing and painting at temples and schools in the South.


The center exhibits her works so that the young generation can learn about her dedication to the education and is run by her father.

Miss Juling’s parents, teachers, students and villagers gathered at Juling Art Gallery to take part in a merit-making activity in dedication to the departed teacher. The art gallery was built after her death, to remind the public of her devotion to duty.

The art teacher was assaulted while on duty in January of 2007 and lost her battle for life after the assault put her into a coma for almost eight months.

Her parents said they still hoped and prayed that the Deep South would see peace someday.

A drawing contest and an art exhibition were also held as a tribute to her.


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