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Silent Hill 2 Remake By Bloober Team Announced By Konami

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Silent Hill 2 Remake By Bloober Team Announced By Konami

(CTN News) – Silent Hill 2, one of the most popular horror games ever made, is getting a remake, Konami announced today, accidentally uploading its 35-minute Silent Hill Transmission( opens in new tab).

As a result, it will be handled by Bloober Team, the Polish studio that was responsible for The Medium, Blair Witch, and the Layers of Fear series.

Original series monster designer Masahiro Ito and audio designer/composer Akira Yamaoka return Yamaoka return.

The Bloober Team previously worked with Yamaoka on The Medium.

This had a very Silent Hill 2 vibe to it, with its dual realities and haunted resort, which gave it a very similar vibe to The Medium.

Despite being divisive, the game did have plenty of fans, with Leana Hafer calling it “one of the best third-person horror games I have ever played” in her review.

The first Silent Hill 2 game was released in 2001, and the second one appeared on the PC a year later. In 2012, the game was given an HD remaster, but it was only available for consoles, and it was not particularly well received.

When you rolled back the fog to show off the increased draw distance, it resulted in monsters being dropped into place as if from the sky In addition, if you were quick enough to see it, the misty Toluca Lake you row across became an untextured white floor.t.

In its first year, Silent Hill 2  Remake will be a console exclusive to PlayStation, although the trailer notes that it will also be available on PC, presumably at launch.

The release date has not been announced as of yet.


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