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Watch AMD Radeon 7000 And RDNA 3 Live



Watch AMD Radeon 7000 And RDNA 3 Live

(CTN News0 – Finally, AMD will announce its first of the next generation of desktop graphics cards based on the long-awaited RDNA 3 architecture.

Essentially, AMD’s next-generation RTX 40-series graphics cards will be AMD’s answer to Nvidia’s RTX 40-series and Intel’s brand new ARC graphics cards, and it is likely to be the last major announcement for desktop hardware in the 1022 calendar year.

In today’s announcement, AMD is going to be live-streaming it at 4:45 PM Eastern US time, 1:45 PM Pacific time, this afternoon.

What are the ways in which you can watch the show? The process could not be any simpler: the livestream will be broadcast on YouTube, and will be embedded in the post above.

No matter what platform you are using, you should be able to access YouTube with any desktop browser or mobile app that supports YouTube.

This is regardless of what platform you are using. There is no doubt that PC World will be reporting live on the upcoming products when they are announced.

The Radeon 7000 series is set to launch at the very least with a flagship graphics card, something that will compete with NVIDIA’s RTX 4090 at the very least.

There is no telling whether or not it will be able to compete with that beast that has three or four slots, but we need to wait and see. In order to provide more efficiency instead of raw polygon-pushing power, AMD has taken pains to set expectations for more efficient performance.

Exactly when the next-generation Radeon cards will be available, and how much they will cost for the time being, is anyone’s guess as to when the cards will be available.

In the near future, we can expect cheaper and less powerful Radeon 7000-based cards to be released, based on the usual release patterns.

It is also expected that Radeon 7000-series laptop cards will make their debut at some point in the future, possibly at the beginning of 2023, although they might not appear at this event.


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