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This Electric Scooter Is Only €220, That’s a Great Deal

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This Electric Scooter Is Only €220, That's a Great Deal

(CTN News) – Thanks to this offer, the iScooter i9 electric is available for 220 euros instead of 338 euros.

Xiaomi has added new electric references to its catalog and increased the price of its two-wheeled products. Even the most affordable model with a range of 25 kilometers is available for 449 euros.

It is fortunate that other manufacturers offer equally convincing at a lower price. The iScooter i9, for example, benefits from a discount of nearly 120 euros during Single Day.

How does the iScooter i9 work?

  • An electric scooter that is lightweight and foldable

  • The motor has a power rating of 350 watts

  • A 25 km range is also available

According to the official website, the iScooter i9 electric is currently available on Ali

Express for only 220 euros. This is when you apply a cumulative seller coupon along with promo code DEALFR10. There are also other models available, including one with 35 km of autonomy for an additional 60 euros.

An easy-transport scooter that is robust

In comparison with its competitors, the iScooter i9 looks good and is quite discreet with its black frame and cables. Having a weight of only 12.5 kilograms, this electric scooter is primarily focused on lightness.

As a result of the quick folding system, it is also easier to transport the scooter on public transportation, or to store it in your vehicle.

The IP54 standard makes this model suitable for use in the rain, and the 8.5-inch anti-puncture tires provide support and will withstand the rigors of the road.

There is even an anti-vibration device that ensures a stable ride. Furthermore, the equipped with both an electric motor brake and a mechanical brake that can be activated by pressing on the rear mudguard.

Suitable for short daily trips as well

A 350 W motor enables the i9 scooter to reach speeds of 25 km/h, thus complying with French legislation. In addition, this model has a 20% increase in power, which will allow you to reach the maximum speed authorized much faster, or to climb hills much easier.

With the iScooter i9, three driving modes are available: eco, standard, and sport. Even while racing, you can change modes directly via the LCD screen on the handlebars. Speed, driving modes, and battery status can also be viewed.

The product has a range of 25 kilometers. Compared to some scooters that offer 45 km of autonomy, this is a small number; however, this model is designed for short trips.

No matter what you need, whether it is bread from the bakery or a visit to a loved one, this model will satisfy your needs. In order to recharge it, it takes between four and five hours.

As night falls, you will be able to count on several lights to alert other motorists to your presence through the use of its headlight coupled with retro-reflective strips. As an added safety measure, a brake light will also let them know if your brakes are engaged.


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