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Tech Confirms Breach After Hacker Steals 760K Users’ Data


on Confirms Breach After Hacker Steals 760K Users' Data

(CTN News) – After a data breach exposed the information of 760,000 users,’s custom invite service has temporarily been shut down. is not an official site but a third-party service that allows server owners to create custom invitations. More than 14,000 people joined the service’s server, which was the focal point of the community.

A person known as ‘Akhirah’ began offering the database for sale on the new Breached hacking forums yesterday. It was proven that four user records from the database had been stolen by the threat actor by sharing them.

A new cybercrime forum known for selling and leaking stolen data, Breached is the rebirth of a popular cybercrime forum.

The database contains information about 760,000 users and includes the following types of information:

Members’ usernames, e-mail addresses, billing addresses (small numbers), salted and hashed passwords (small numbers), and IDs were among the most sensitive information exposed.

“This information does not have to be kept private and can be obtained by anyone sharing a server with you,” explained.

StackDiary reported that .io confirmed the breach and is temporarily shutting down its server and website.

There’s been a data breach at .io. We’re stopping all operations for the foreseeable future.

Here’s more info on our #breah-notification channel. We’ll update our website soon.”

Apparently found out about the data breach from a hacking forum post, according to their website.

They shut down their services and canceled all paid memberships after confirming the authenticity of the data leak.

There’s been contact between and the person behind the breach, but no details on how it happened have been shared.

The seller of the database, Akhirah, told BleepingComputer they hadn’t spoken to the owners.

“There is more to it than money” is a directory where visitors can search for servers matching specific content and get invites. Some invites require spending .io Coins, the site’s virtual currency.

According to the terms of use, all content is the member’s responsibility, but the operators have the right to remove anything that’s illegal or breaks their rules.

Bleeping Computer has seen servers for a wide range of interests on the site, including anime, gaming, adult content, and more.

When Bleeping Computer asked Akhirah about selling the database, they said it wasn’t just about making money, it’s about how links to illegal stuff.

Akhirah told BleepingComputer it’s not just about money, some of the servers they overlook have pedophilia and similar stuff on them.

In an interview with BleepingComputer, the hacker said there has been a lot of interest in the database, but mostly from people who want to “dox” people they don’t like.

Akhirah says they’d rather wait for the operators to contact them about removing offensive content from the site in exchange for not selling or leaking the stolen data.


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