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Apple TV 4K Review Roundup 2022: Barely Noticeable Improvements

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Apple TV 4K Review Roundup 2022: Barely Noticeable Improvements

(CTN News) – The new Apple TV 4K will be available on Friday, and it’s expected to be a big seller.

Compared to previous generations of Apple TV, Apple has drastically reduced the price by $70 on all models. This is despite doubling the storage capacity and adding new features to make it the highest value Apple TV ever.

For the most part, the updated Apple TV remains largely unchanged from the previous model when it comes to its features.

According to Chris Welch of The Verge, the updated A15 processor has been described as “more snappy and responsive than ever” but admitted that “the only time I have been able to notice an increase in speed is when I am pulling up the multitasking view for the first time.”

He also notes that apps are faster to load, but if you are upgrading from the previous 4K, you would have a hard time feeling that difference.

It has been reported that Eli Blumenthal at CNET tested the updated processor with NBA 2K23 Apple Arcade Edition, and found that the animations lacked “fluidity and sharpness” despite the extra power.

According to TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington, while the chip does “generally make things snappier when it comes to navigating between the Home Screen and apps on the iPhone 8, I feel hard-pressed to tell the difference between it and my 2021 Apple TV in a blind test,” he added.

In addition to HDR10+, another major change is the inclusion of Dolby Vision 2.0, which reviewers were pleased to see. Generally speaking, this is a feature that is mostly available on Samsung TVs, since that is the only manufacturer that doesn’t offer Dolby Vision support for its TVs.

The Siri Remote has also remained the same despite the addition of USB-C ports. In other words, you won’t get a U1 chip that allows you to track your location very precisely.

In spite of the fact that it is lighter and is slightly smaller than previous versions, Welch noted, “it still looks like the same old Apple TV with a matte top and glossy, dust-magnet sides.”

There will be a review of the Apple TV 4K for you soon, but in the meantime, you might want to consider picking up the 2021 model for $100 ($79 off) at Amazon in the meantime.

Do I need an Apple TV 4K?

The Apple TV 4K streaming media box is maybe the best one you can buy (especially for those already in the Apple ecosystem), but it’s also one of the most expensive.

It’s faster and more responsive than nearly all competitors, with excellent support for HDR and surround sound including Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.


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