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There’s No Spotify Wrapped In Apple Music Replay



There's No Spotify Wrapped In Apple Music Replay

(CTN News) – Apple Music Replay, the year-end review and response to Spotify Wrapped, has been released. However, it falls short in comparison to Spotify’s personalized reflection on your year in music.

While Apple Music Replay provides insights into your top songs, albums, artists, genres, and other details about your listening history in 2023 through a URL at, it lacks the ability to create distinctive and shareable experiences like Spotify’s “Audio Aura” in 2021 or its “Listening Personality” feature in 2022.

Listeners are drawn to Spotify’s features because they cater to their individuality and curiosity about how they compare to others.

These features are designed for social sharing and are visually appealing, aligning with current trends. In contrast, Apple’s year-end review relies on conventional metrics, such as top listener rankings and Year-End charts that offer few surprises.

Users can also access their personal top 100 songs chart from each year they have qualified with Replay’s playlists.

In contrast to Wrapped, which is intended to be a timely reflection of a specific moment in time that is designed to gain popularity on social media for a limited period, Apple Music listeners can enjoy Replay throughout the entire year.

To access Replay, users simply need to log in at using their Apple Music ID. While Apple’s insights can also be shared on their social platforms or through messaging, they may not be as dynamic, artistic, or original as the features Spotify introduces each year.

These features vary from year to year, leaving users curious about what surprises await them in their next Wrapped.

It is noteworthy that Apple Music’s feature was launched just before Spotify’s, possibly with the intention of gaining an advantage in music-oriented social sharing in 2023.


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