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Google Introduces New Chrome 110, Ditches Windows 7

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Chrome 110

(CTN NEWS) – Chrome 110 – Windows 7 was first made available for commercial use on July 22, 2009, and is no longer maintained by Microsoft. And now Google Chrome.

Yet another wildly successful tool is discontinuing support for one of the most widely used PC operating systems.

The most popular web browser’s first iteration to not function properly on Windows 7 is Chrome 110, which was made available on February 7.

With Chrome now demanding Windows 10 as a minimum, Google is joining Microsoft in eventually discarding the outdated operating system.

Although not the only change brought about by the upgrade, it is unquestionably the most notable one, particularly for millions of users still on the outdated OS.

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Google introduces Chrome 110 di

Chrome 110

For Windows, Mac, and Linux, Chrome 110 has been moved to the stable channel, where the update will be handed out over the next several days and weeks.

Chrome 110 features several updates and enhancements, particularly in the area of security, where Chromium engineers corrected at least 15 security flaws with severity ratings ranging from “high” (3) to “low”.

The JavaScript V8 engine, WebRTC communications, GPU utilization, and other areas all have resolved problems.

As per usual, Google expresses gratitude to all security researchers who collaborated with the firm during the development cycle to make Chrome’s stable release a little bit safer than before.

Additionally, Chrome 110 has configurable network error pages, the ability to employ biometric authentication “on compatible PCs” (i.e., those with biometric hardware installed), and a Password Manager built right into the browser.

Nvidia’s RTX Video Super Resolution, a proprietary technology for quickly upscaling video feeds on GeForce RTX cards, is also supported for the first time in Chrome 110.

Google introduces Chrome 110 ditches Windows 7

Windows 7

Other adjustments include a setting for automated translation for a few languages, support for manual translation on iOS, and a more straightforward procedure for password checks.

If biometric hardware is unavailable, Chrome desktop users can now benefit from a more secure experience by turning on support for the system’s Screen Lock ID approach.

Users still using Windows 7, Windows 8.x, or Windows Server 2012/R2 will have three options as of Chrome 110.

They can either stick with an older browser version that is still compatible with the aforementioned OSes or change to another browser, such as Firefox (Mozilla developers are also debating how to phase out Windows 7 support right now.).

Installing a newer version of Windows or upgrading your computer would be your third and best options if your existing hardware isn’t capable of running a newer OS.


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