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TikTok-LALIGA Launch LALIGA Adventure Project, Featuring Sports Creators From 9 APEC Countries

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(CTN News) – TikTok and LALIGA, the renowned Spanish football league, have joined forces once again, marking the second year of their collaboration with the launch of the exciting LALIGA Adventure project.

This initiative aims to unite sports creators on TikTok, spanning nine countries across the APEC region.

Witness thrilling football showdowns such as FC Barcelona vs. FC Valencia and experience the electrifying atmosphere firsthand at TikTok x La Liga Extra Time.

This collaboration is not just about enjoying the matches; it’s about unlocking a new dimension of opportunities for the sports industry in Thailand.

Among the attendees were two talented creators from Thailand, Khobsanam (@khobsanam) and Watalooknung (@watalooknungquotes).

TikTok’s goal is clear: to bolster the community of football enthusiasts by fostering the creation of sports content that captures the essence of the game, drawing inspiration from the athletes themselves.

Together, TikTok and La Liga aspire to cultivate innovative ideas and bring fresh perspectives to the realm of sports content creation.


TikTok-LALIGA Collaboration: Opportunities for Sports Immersion and Global Recognition

For instance, the collaboration between LALIGA and TikTok presents a myriad of opportunities. It offers the chance to immerse oneself in the world of sports through LALIGA’s extensive network, providing fans with a deeper connection to the game.

Additionally, through content creation on TikTok, individuals can gain international recognition, amplifying their presence in the global market.

This partnership also fosters a platform for sports creators to produce rich and engaging content, reigniting the fervent competitive spirit among Thai football enthusiasts.

Namon Tingsapat, the Sports & Gaming Operations Lead at TikTok, highlights the inception of this strategic alliance amidst the remarkable expansion of the sports community within the TikTok ecosystem.

The consumption of sports-related content on the platform surged by 95% in 2023 compared to the previous year, with football emerging as the most beloved sport among Thai audiences.

This trend is evident in the staggering viewership numbers of football-centric hashtags such as #TikTok Thai football and #TikTok foreign football, accumulating over 340 million and 2 billion views respectively in the past year.

TikTok 1

Beyond traditional match reviews and competition analysis, there’s a burgeoning demand for diverse sports content, such as exploring the intersection of sports and fashion or delving into the off-track lifestyles of athletes.

LALIGA and TikTok: Empowering Football Fans and Creators

Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and personal interactions between creators and their favorite athletes are also gaining traction.

“We recognized the immense potential within the football community on TikTok, prompting our collaboration with LALIGA to bolster the football industry. We understand that the sports landscape extends far beyond just athletes, clubs, and associations.

The driving force behind the industry’s growth has always been the passionate sports fans and innovative content creators who inject excitement into the game, contributing to its widespread popularity,” shared Namon.

Ivan Godina, the Managing Director of LALIGA for Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, and Australia, emphasizes that LALIGA acknowledges the robust football community in Thailand, mirroring that of Spain.

By partnering with entities like TikTok and other influential organizations within the sports industry, LALIGA EXTRA TIME aims to steer the future of football in Thailand, positioning itself as a pivotal hub for sports content on TikTok.

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