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Telegram Introduces Tokenized Stickers And Emojis To Enhance Blockchain Usage

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(CTN News) – As Telegram founder Pavel Durov announced the messaging giant’s increased commitment to blockchain technology by detailing its plans to further integrate with The Open Network (TON), the company has outlined its plans to further integrate with blockchain technology.

On the sidelines of the Token2049 conference in Dubai, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announced that the company is planning to launch features based on blockchain technologies, including tokenized stickers and emojis.

Shared revenue and tokenization of revenue

There is no doubt that Telegram is going to change the way content creators use their online engagement to benefit their businesses. According to Durov, the platform will allocate 50% of its ad-generated revenue to its users, which includes channel owners and creators that are part of the TON network and participate in the TON network.

The move is intended to create an equitable distribution model, as opposed to other social media platforms that depend on selling user data to advertisers to support their business model.

The venture that Telegram is taking in tokenizing user features has already seen success with its namespace, which has generated substantial sales for the company.

As more and more platform elements become tokenized, Durov emphasizes the importance of TON’s scalability, a feature that will be required for the platform to handle the projected increase in transaction volumes.

In conjunction with Telegram’s announcement, Tether has introduced a stablecoin with a dollar peg and a gold-backed token on the TON network, indicating that the initial blockchain infrastructure provided by Telegram is in the process of becoming more widely accepted.

With this collaboration, Telegram has laid out the blueprint for leveraging blockchain technology in order to enhance its platform’s user interaction and economic models by implementing it across a wide range of industries.


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