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Google Messages Rolls Out Parental Control Capabilities

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Google is working on new parental control feature. — ShiftDeleteNet/File

(CTN News) – Earlier this month, it was reported that Google was working on a new feature that would enable parents to check their children’s messages before they are sent out, as part of its messaging app, Google Messages.

This discovery was made after a marker related to the new feature was discovered in a recent version of Google Messages in which the new feature was described, reported PiunkaWeb, which led to this discovery being made.

There will be more information released about this feature’s functionality and deployment in the coming days; nevertheless, it is believed that this feature is in its early stages of development and more details about it will be revealed in the near future.

There is one notable exception to this though. It is not yet possible to use this parental control feature in Google Messages, and its exact workings are as of yet unknown.

It was disclosed in the version 20240416_00_RC01 of the software that parental controls would be able to to enable parents to restrict their children’s ability to send messages until they received parental approval before doing so.

It is important to note that in cases where unapproved conversations are occurring, a message will appear stating: To send, please obtain your parent’s permission.

Initially, it was speculated that the parental restrictions in Google Messages were introduced by the Family Link app, and they operated on a per-contact basis, which seems to agree with the theory that the parental restrictions were introduced by the Family Link app.

There is also expectation that the control framework will be able to cover SMS and RCS messages as well as other types of messages under the control framework in the near future.


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