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Elon Musk’s “X” Rebranding: How It Affected Twitter’s App Downloads?




(CTN NEWS) – The rebranding of Twitter to “X” has been met with significant criticism due to its poor execution.

The strong and well-established brand that Twitter had cultivated over its two-decade existence has been disregarded, and as expected, this move is negatively impacting their downloads from app stores.

Limited Awareness and Search Discrepancies Surrounding Twitter’s Rebranding to ‘X

This information has been brought to light by an analyst named Eric Seufert, who pointed out that the awareness of Twitter’s transition to “X” is limited mainly to those who are deeply engaged online.

For the majority of consumers, the rebranding has gone unnoticed, and their searches for “Twitter” within platform stores yield results that bear no resemblance to the Twitter they know.

In simple terms, many individuals are still in the dark about Twitter’s transformation into “X.” If you were to search for “Twitter,” the top result might be a sponsored ad from a rival platform like Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram.

What exacerbates the issue is that the search outcomes for “X” have no ties to Twitter whatsoever.

There is no mention of its previous identity as Twitter, and the recognizable blue color has been replaced by an uninviting “X” icon accompanied by the uninspiring slogan, “Blaze your glory!”


Concerns Over ‘X’ Icon’s Resemblance to Explicit Websites and App Store Rankings

What’s more troubling is that the “X” icon against a black background bears a striking resemblance to explicit websites, making it highly improbable that users would feel inclined to click on it.

Currently, the app “Threads” occupies the second spot in the list of top free downloads on the App Store, whereas “X” lags far behind at the 51st position.

Similarly, on the Play Store, “Threads” stands at an impressive #6, while “X” trails significantly lower at #66. Evidently, “Threads” is outpacing “X,” defying any challenges it might have faced in keeping up with Twitter.


In conclusion, Twitter’s rebranding to “X” has been marred by a poorly executed strategy.

The drastic departure from the established brand has led to a lack of recognition and relevance among consumers, as evidenced by its underwhelming performance in app store downloads compared to its competitor, “Threads.”


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