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ChatGPT Faces Regulatory Scrutiny Over Risks Of False Information Generation

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(CTN NEWS) – OpenAI, the artificial intelligence company known for its ChatGPT language model, is currently under investigation by US regulators regarding potential risks to consumers stemming from the generation of false information. ITALY

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued a letter to OpenAI, which is backed by Microsoft, requesting information on how the company addresses concerns related to people’s reputations.

This inquiry reflects the growing regulatory scrutiny surrounding AI technology. OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, has expressed the company’s willingness to cooperate with the FTC during the investigation.

The Rise of ChatGPT: Transforming Information Retrieval and Fueling Debates

ChatGPT is an AI system that generates human-like responses to user queries in real-time, revolutionizing the way people obtain information online compared to traditional search methods.

Competitors in the tech industry are racing to develop their own versions of this technology.

However, its rapid rise has sparked intense debates regarding data usage, response accuracy, and potential violations of authors’ rights during the training process.


FTC Investigates OpenAI: Mitigating Risks, Ensuring Privacy, and Collaboration with CEO Altman

The FTC’s letter specifically inquires about the steps OpenAI has taken to mitigate the risk of its products generating false, misleading, disparaging, or harmful statements about real individuals.

Additionally, the FTC is investigating OpenAI’s approach to data privacy and how the company acquires data to train and inform its AI models.

Altman defended OpenAI’s commitment to safety research, emphasizing that they had dedicated years to ensuring the technology’s safety and alignment before its release.

He also stated on Twitter that protecting user privacy and designing systems to learn about the world, rather than private individuals, are crucial principles for OpenAI.

Altman expressed confidence in the company’s adherence to the law and reiterated their willingness to collaborate with the FTC during the investigation.

Earlier this year, OpenAI CEO Mr. Altman testified before Congress, acknowledging that the AI technology, including ChatGPT, could be prone to errors.

He advocated for the establishment of regulations and the creation of a dedicated agency to oversee AI safety.

Mr. Altman stressed the need to be proactive in preventing potential negative consequences and expressed a willingness to collaborate with the government on this matter.

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Chairwoman Khan’s Legal Challenges and Congressional Scrutiny, Concerns Over AI Systems

The Federal Trade Commission’s investigation into OpenAI was initially reported by the Washington Post, which obtained a copy of the letter. OpenAI and the FTC did not provide comments when approached by the BBC.

Chairwoman Lina Khan, who leads the FTC, has taken a prominent role in regulating the activities of major tech companies.

Her appointment by President Joe Biden has been met with both support and criticism, with some questioning the extent of the FTC’s authority under her leadership.

Khan has faced challenges in court over her attempts to address issues related to tech firms, such as her push to block the merger between Microsoft and gaming giant Activision Blizzard.

During a congressional hearing, Chairwoman Khan faced scrutiny from Republicans regarding her leadership of the agency.

Although she did not explicitly mention the FTC’s investigation into OpenAI, she expressed concerns about the output of AI systems, citing instances where sensitive information or defamatory statements were generated.

Fraud and deception were identified as specific areas of concern.

This FTC investigation is not the first challenge OpenAI has encountered in relation to these issues. In April, Italy banned the use of ChatGPT due to privacy concerns.

The service was eventually reinstated after implementing age verification measures and providing more comprehensive information about its privacy policy.


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