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Top 8 Reasons Why Instagram Will Overrule Facebook

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Top 8 Reasons Why Instagram Will Overrule Facebook

Though Facebook is still the most used social media platform there will always be a never-ending debate on Instagram vs. Facebook. But the fact is Instagram can overrule Facebook in coming years. Instagram has higher engagement on each one of its posts compared to Facebook.

In this article, we will discuss the nine reasons why Instagram can Overrule Facebook. So without any further delay let us jump into the topic.

Mobile Friendliness Instagram vs. Facebook

You might say that this is not a valid point for comparison as both can run on mobile. We are now living in an era where mobile has become an integral part of our daily lifestyle. People now spend maximum time browsing the web through their mobile. According to Martech, people nowadays spend almost 80 percent of their time on social media and that too on mobile phones. Instagram was designed especially as a mobile-based platform and with its narrow array of contents; there is no doubt that Instagram is better than Facebook in terms of mobile experience.

Stories feature is better on Instagram

If you ignore other comparison factors like demographics, audience interests, etc, then Facebook and Instagram Stories are almost similar in features. Again, read it carefully I said almost similar. Instagram was the platform where the Stories feature was first implemented after seeing the popularity of Snapchat.

Although Facebook has more daily active users compared to other social media platforms, unfortunately, it is losing its teen users every year and on the other hand, Instagram is gaining teen users, and most surprisingly, teen users make up almost half of Instagram’s user base. Besides these statistics, Instagram Stories are more marketing-specific compared to Facebook’s.

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Instagram is More Commerce Specific

There have been several attempts for doing direct commerce on Facebook, but the results were not much fruitful whereas, on the other hand, Instagram is more commerce specific. Instagram’s algorithm is designed in such a way that it will help you to analyze your business growth, track your revenue generation, and understand your audience, etc. in a much better way than Facebook.

In short, the audience targeting algorithm of Instagram is very strong and sophisticated. You can even create an account on Instagram particularly for business purposes. This does not end here, the Instagram marketing experience is going to enhance further because Instagram has recently announced its in-app payments feature, now Instagram users can easily shop on Instagram and buy products through the posts directly without leaving the platform and going to the seller’s website. Isn’t that awesome?

Instagram is a Better Platform for Brands

As already said in the last point, Instagram is a better platform for commerce compared to Facebook. The frequent changes made in the display algorithm of Facebook make it very difficult for brands to gain organic reach whereas, Instagram makes changes to improve the marketing experience and makes sure that the existence of a brand on Instagram is enhanced than before.

Another big pain point of Facebook is that it charges for marketing, which is making it very difficult for smaller companies to survive and compete with bigger and well-known companies. But, if you are using Instagram, your posts are bound to be viewed by your followers as there is no way to block your content until and unless your account is unfollowed by the user himself. This helps to create a better recognition for your brand.

Instagram Posts Has a Better Discovery

There is no need to say that Instagram posts have a better discovery than Facebook. Instagram involves heavy use of hashtags and using 5 to 10 hashtags in your posts is enough to increase its reach. Hashtags make it easier for you to find the content that you are interested in easily.

But a lot of use of hashtags by the publishers led to a decline in the quality of the content of the Explore Tab in Instagram. But no need to worry as New Explore Tab has been introduced with better features and improvements.

Instagram is More Positive than Facebook

The posts on Instagram are positive and encouraging, yes there are trolls and skeptic posts also but not like Facebook which is almost always full of politically influenced posts, debates, fights, trolls, etc. The purpose of social media should be to entertain its audience and give them relief from the daily hectic life for a while.

Instagram is a social media where the posts can make you feel better or sometimes worse, but, unlike Facebook, it does not have people yelling and accusing you in your comment section.

Instagram Has In-built Messaging Feature

This point takes Instagram one step ahead of Facebook. We all know that Facebook does not have any in-built messaging feature; its users have to use a separate messaging app, Messenger whereas Instagram has its in-built messaging feature.

A Facebook lover might defend Facebook with the point that Messenger has a video calling feature whereas Instagram does not. Well, sorry for them as Instagram has updated itself, and now it has introduced its video calling feature also. So what you suggest, an app with both inbuilt messaging and social networking feature or an app for which you have to install a separate messaging app?

Instagram is Opening up to Developers

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has made Facebook more cautious about the developer ecosystem and usage of data. Most online platforms and apps do not allow third-party developers to incorporate any new features in the platform. But the same is not for Instagram.

Instagram allows its users to use third-party apps through it. But, as a safety measure, Instagram also provides you essential settings that help you manage your connections with third-party apps or websites.

Conclusion on Instagram vs. Facebook

The above points explain why Instagram can beat Facebook. Though Facebook is still a social media giant but the way Instagram is evolving and upgrading itself, there is no doubt that soon it is going to beat Facebook.

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