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What Will Today’s Marketing Tools Bring us Tomorrow on Social Media



What Will Today’s Marketing Tools Bring us Tomorrow on Social Media

Daily world is full of surprises, especially when we take into account the fact that with or without our will we are taking more responsibility for transferring our life to a parallel, non- existing but real world step by step. Let’s just have a look at our activities, classify and compare how many of them we are doing without the existence of the Internet including social media platforms.

Approximately ten years ago we were waking up rushing to have a bath, take some breakfast and run to work. Nowadays we open our eyes and take our hands immediately to our phone just to check what has happened while we were sleeping. Even while driving, eating something, going somewhere we are automatically generating instagram story ideas, because now that’s important and because we have got used to it.

Why do we share our life on social platforms?

We learned to love sharing our life with others, and it has a reason. Social media gives us a chance to strengthen our bonds and connections with who we want by breaking all the barriers set before us: no boundaries between anything and anybody.

People desire to reveal valuable and entertaining content to others, to define themselves, grow and nourish relationships and just to get the word out about brands, causes, events, people, cases and thoughts they like or support. Due to these factors social targets are getting bigger and bigger; we start to engage our families, friends, relatives, workmates, etc.

So it becomes a platform for us to discuss ongoing events shared by social media by having political, educational, environmental, legal, leisure, innovation and much more backgrounds.

But what kind of impacts does this have on our society?

Both advantages and disadvantages exist: we are having a wider, happier, more trendy and socially active life by losing the real connections we used to have. Before sharing video moments on our feed we concentrate on the event we want to share, we search filters, best matching music or song for it, sometimes just by converting them from youtube to mp3, we do it almost automatically, we keep up with the trendy ones, it does correspond well, and we do it to be on trend.

While social media activism brings an increased awareness about societal issues, questions remain as to whether this awareness is translating into real change, into the one we thought it was going to, but now are not certain. So, we can say that it helps us to share our concerns or issues freely.

We would not have done those if not social media. This is how from a single step we appear in a net we are not always supposed to. Leading from this we move forward to a bigger and major thing that is going to change a lot for our future.

Demand, income, new means of payment

Companies see the importance of keeping connection with its customers on social media to keep having rising revenues. They have already learned how to stimulate demand, how to generate insights, and target people. Step by step they move to a sphere where not only demands are going to be controlled and told, but also the way they pay for it, the means they use for processing.

We are living in real moments, we are sharing the real of ourselves, connections are real as well, what we see is real, so the means we are going to use to pay are going to be real as well. We are already moving to a future where money does not have ‘ethnicity’ , it is the same for everyone, it does not matter where you are from, what your country’s currency is.

One of the megafuturistic and important currency is Litecoin, which is now the fifth cryptocurrency in the whole world. Transaction costs are comparably low, including faster processing speeds, less opportunities for hackers and a good place in market capitalization.

To summarize, we have already managed to move from the past to a better parallel world where we have lost more of our reality, but learned to have wider, freer connections, making our life easier to live with the help of our ‘new real’ resources for the predicted and already improved future.

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