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Key Clothes Items to Ear as a Cyclist in Winter

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Cyclist in winter

If you are a cyclist and going to ride a bike in the winter, you need to be clear about what you will need to wear for such outdoor activity. Of course, you can not wear padded jackets, down jackets and hats made of fur.

It is necessary for a cyclist to dress in such a way that it is cool at first. Because after 10 minutes of active driving, the cold will largely cease to be felt. It is even possible to sweat a lot, and this is a rather unpleasant sensation.

If after a stop you become cold again, then the issue is resolved in just five minutes. Just start pedaling harder.

However, if you are already sweating, then it would be better to spend some time in a warm room or train. If this is not possible, continue cycling and maintain the body temperature that has already developed under the clothes and thus do not let yourself cool down.

Here it is necessary to immediately notice that it’s impossible not to sweat at all. Much depends on the correct choice of your clothes and on the specific organism. If you have not changed your body, then you are quite capable of choosing the right clothes.

Currently, the choice of winter clothing for cyclists is very large, as well as the price of many things. Think and decide how much you want to spend on their acquisition. Those who do not have financial restrictions can buy everything they need at once in one visit to the store.


For the rest, we advise you to think about where to get, what to take and at what prices. List of what a cyclist may need for winter riding:

• comfortable and warm shoes;

• gloves;

• windproof jacket;

• hat and pants (e.g. Troy Lee designs pants);

• thermal underwear.

Winter cycling shoes should be tight, always with a high collar. Insulated snow boots should have minimal ventilation properties.

For hands, you need to purchase special gloves. It is important that the cyclist accessory does not cause discomfort while driving, and you can easily shift gears. Winter cycling gloves differ in price compared to regular ones. They provide protection from wind currents, have special inserts on the palm.

For longer winter trips, it is better to get comfortable thermal underwear, which consists of a jacket and pants. Multifunctional clothing will not only keep the body warm at the same level, but also cope with sweating, absorbing excess moisture into the fabric structure.

cyclist clothing winter

Thermal underwear is sewn from soft and elastic fabrics for cyclist. It must be worn under the clothes in which you are going to travel in winter.

The most proven option is clothing in layers. Better not a down jacket on a T-shirt, but a couple of layers of light clothing and a waterproof and windproof jacket over it. The whole point is that with this way of dressing, you can always regulate your body temperature by simply taking something off or putting it back on.

Cyclist upper layer

The top layer of clothing (jacket) is designed to protect against snow, rain and wind. This layer needs to breathe so that you do not cake and then freeze. Good quality outerwear can be the key to a comfortable journey.

Membrane jackets

Now everywhere there are a lot of various advertisements dedicated to this material. Some even praise its supernatural properties. The stores have a wide selection of membrane jackets for almost any, even the most biased taste. Their cost starts from five thousand rubles and reaches fifteen thousand and more.

Membrane clothing, in addition to its high cost, has a couple more disadvantages. It has a short service life and low strength. If you want to ride a bike in the forest or in the mountains, then remember that tearing an expensive membrane jacket will be as easy as shelling pears.

In the absence of extra money, this must be taken into account and be careful. Actively used membrane clothing quickly loses its advantage over ordinary clothing and after a while your nano jacket will turn into a regular one, which will also get wet, but at the same time remain a good windbreaker for a long time.

cyclist winter

Advantages of membrane clothes for cyclist:

  • it is not blown;
  • it does not get wet;
  • it can breathe, but don’t believe it when they say the moisture magically disappears. If you ride very actively, then you can sweat in any clothes;
  • a huge selection of possible styles and models, hence a good opportunity to make the best choice for yourself.

Membrane cons for cyclist:

  • the cost is heavily inflated due to constant advertising, so it’s better not to fall for the advertising tricks of sellers, they just need to sell their product and quite often they themselves do not have the correct idea and information about this product, but are engaged in retelling beautiful words from product labels;
  • limited service life;
  • requires gentle washing and special care;
  • pretty easy to burn and tear.


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