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How to Pick up the Best Shoes for a Dress?

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Best Shoes for a Dress

The perfect combination of shoes and dresses is that you have a good taste and the ability to create looks appropriate for the occasion. Therefore, choosing the right shoes for a dress is a task that any modern woman should easily solve. So, in this article, we are going to speak about this and we hope that our tips will help you to create unforgettable looks.

Speaking of fashionable footwear that are comfy, there are plenty of soda brand shoes for sale online that you can buy, then mix and match with your favorite outfits.

How to choose shoes by colour

The first thing we recommend paying attention to is the combination of colours of clothing and shoes. It’s good when the shades harmonize or complement each other, that in this case, the look turns out to be completed, organic, and perfect.

So, let’s start with the red dress. It is not an easy task to choose pumps for it: many girls pay gives their preferences to models of the same tone, but it is not always the right variant. Red is a signal of challenge, so it instantly attracts attention. Therefore, stylists recommend choosing something of more calm and classical colours, such as beige, white or black.

Beige dress can be founded in the wardrobe of almost any modern women, as it is a universal option for every day and for going out. When choosing the color of pumps for such a dress, it is difficult to make a mistake. Beige outfits can be gentle and strict, romantic and even daring. Depending on the planned effect, choose a pair of white, black, red or brown models to finish your look. If you have a blue or green handbag, feel free to buy shoes of the same shade – on the background of a beige dress, they will look organic and stylish.

To match pumps to a blue one, pay attention to black and white models, as well as silver and gray models. Golden ones are suitable for special events, but in this case, choose properly gold jewelry. By the way, you can choose an option of a neutral shade with small inserts of blue or light blue.


The green dress opens up a lot of opportunities for experimentation. The bright, grassy shade goes well with many colors: yellow, black, white, golden and even blue. A dark, rich green harmonizes well with red or burgundy models, especially when they are complemented by a handbag of the same color. By the way, a combination of bright and more restrained shades is also looks great.

White clothes is a real field for experiments. Here you get one hundred percent of freedom of action. But be careful: choose accessories and jewelry that good complement each other.

It is also not difficult to choose pumps for a black dress. The most obvious option here is flats of the same tone. So, black is universal, practical and appropriate in any situation. Experiments with other shades and their combinations, of course, are allowed – it all depends on what occasion the dress was chosen for, whether it is business or, conversely, evening event.

How to choose shoes by style

To match shoes to a dress, it is important to understand what effect you want to achieve. For a special event the universal solution is classic pumps, and it is better if they have a minimum of decor, as it will distracts attention from the main components of the outfit and jewelry that are often worn for such an occasion.

To maintain a business style, you will need not only classical clothes, but also suitable shoes. Try to avoid open socks and high heels, intricate straps and buckles, and give your preference to the heel that its height does not exceed 10 cm.

For an everyday life models on a Block Heels or platform will be a good choice, that it is fashionable and comfortable. To create a romantic look, choose models with original decor, golden and silver shadows, as well as combined ones – in which several contrasting shades are harmoniously matched.


Popular models made of suede and corduroy look good paired with any dense fabrics, including velvet. It is desirable that the cut at the same time be voluminous, and among the accessories there were no objects made of leather of a different texture: glossy, grainy or lacquered.

To conclude, modern fashion allows to experiment and wear dresses not only under classic high-heeled shoes, but also under sneakers. However, it is important to understand that these shoes are not suitable for all types of outfits.

When choosing shoes for clothes, it is important to pay attention to its cut and length. For example, it is better to choose open shoes with thin straps for a light outfit. If the dress is made of thick fabric and has a sleeve, then you can wear massive, closed models or boots. The rest is matter of your style, taste and preferences. Have a great shopping and bright looks!


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