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5 Ways a Tactical Torch Can be Save You from Attackers

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Tactical Torch

When you’re outside, and you’re in potential danger, you will appreciate all the tools you have on you. Most people will never walk outside without the keys from their homes and a wallet, but if you have the option, include the tactical torch because it can literally save your life.

When you’re walking in dark alleys or in an area at night where potential danger may occur, it’s smart to have a pocket flashlight that may be helpful. It’s not as dangerous as a knife that may put you in a complicated position, but it may literally save your life.

In this article, we’re talking about tactical flashlights and why they are so amazing. We will go through several reasons you always need to have them on you and why they are so beneficial when someone tries to attack you. Keep up and see more about this.

What is a Tactical Torch?

Tactical torches are a bit different than traditional flashlights. They are made smaller so that they can be carried around easily but provide a lot more lumens, making them suitable for all occasions. At the same time, they are most commonly made of aluminum, making them durable and strong.

With these features, they are perfect for all occasions. One can carry them around easily in the pocket and be ready for any occasion, they are lightweight and can provide a lot of brightness when needed.

That’s why they are called tactical because they were made for tactical use and provide many versatile options for the one who carries them. This is why you need to find the best tactical torches in Australia for 2022, and have them on you 24/7.

1. Point the light in someone’s eyes and blind them

Tactical flashlights come with a lot of lumens, making them the best device for illuminating an area. In this case, when you need to use them as weapons, they are excellent for pointing the light directly into someone else’s eyes and blinding them for a moment.

Blinding them may be just enough to get out of a critical situation. While their eyes refocus on the surroundings, you can run far away and get out of the dangerous situation. Never use the moment to retaliate because this makes you an attacker too. Instead, run away and avoid conflict.

2. Illuminate the dark area you need to go to

It’s obvious that a flashlight is first used as an item that will illuminate the area. When you walk through a dark alley where anything can happen or through the city’s buildings when you can expect all kinds of dangers, the flashlight may be enough to avoid the attackers.

If it’s too bright, and others can see when you’re attacked, the criminals will not do it. They’ll skip and wait for a victim that has no flashlight with them and is an easier target.

3. See who’s approaching you

When someone is approaching, and you’re not sure whether they are friends or foes, you can point the tactical torch into them and be sure who’s coming over. If you see someone who’s not a friend, you’ll have enough time to turn around and leave.

If you come too close and only then realize that you’re in danger, you may not have enough time to abandon your plans. The tactical flashlight provides enough brightness to make the place look like it’s daylight and be sure who you’re facing.

4. It is an excellent weapon when you have nothing else on you

The flashlight may be an excellent weapon if you have nothing more dangerous on you. All you need to do is hold the torch tight inside your palm when you’re creating a fist. The torch inside will make your punch much more dangerous than it is.

One hit at the attacker, and you’ll drop them. This is enough to avoid your own injury or face an even more dangerous situation. At the same time, you’re not risking anyone’s serious injury either. They’ll fall to the ground confused, but their life won’t be in danger.

5. They have an SOS mode to call for backup

If you’re somewhere locked or in a place where you can’t call for help, the tactical flashlight’s SOS feature is enough to tell everyone who sees it that you’re in danger. The SOS mode will keep flashing until someone comes over and gives you help.

This feature is excellent for those who are often in the mountains, forests, or places far away enough for you to yell and have someone hear you. This is why a tactical torch is better than a traditional flashlight that will not have this kind of feature. If you want to be safe, this is the best way to prepare yourself for anything.


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