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The UK Job Market: How the Pandemic Has Affected Employment



UK job market

The British UK job market is a hot topic of discussion at the moment. The pandemic has no doubt had a significant impact on the working population of Britain and people have had to find ways on how they can differentiate from other candidates to provide themselves with the best opportunity of getting a job through CPD courses.

CPD certification provides opportunities to learn new skills, update your knowledge base, and keep up-to-date with all the latest developments in your field and will help you do more than maintain your current level of competence.

Around June 2021, the United Kingdom had an average of 34.8 million employment, the highest number since June 2020. This represents a 293,000 increase from March 2021, owing to increases in employee positions of 214,000 and self-employment jobs of 72,000.

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How the Pandemic Affects Employment

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the UK job market and a lot has changed between the jobs that were frequently advertised at the start of 2021 compared up until now.

Since the pandemic, remote working is becoming increasingly popular. Employers are more willing to create remote positions that can allow them to work remotely more at home than before, with many companies actively listing these opportunities on their job listings.

More and more employees are now seeking remote jobs due to worries about contracting the virus in public spaces. Employees who work remotely can avoid high-risk areas and still be able to keep in touch with their employer, continuing their work without interruption.

This proves to be an especially helpful solution for those with chronic illnesses like tuberculosis or HIV that place them at a significantly higher risk of contracting the virus when in close contact with people infected by COVID19.

With more employees preferring to work remotely, it’s become easier for employers to hire people from all over the world rather than just those who are willing to relocate.

What are some of the most popular UK jobs in Britain right now?

There is now more demand for people who are able to work remotely so they can avoid the risk of contracting the pandemic.

This has led many companies to hire talent from around the world rather than just those in one location. There are also benefits for employers hiring outside their market because there is no longer a need to worry about paying minimum wage or providing sick pay because the employee is working remotely.

There are more jobs available now than ever before so it’s a great time to look for new opportunities in your field.

The Q1 of 2021 saw massive growth in construction and transportation and storage jobs with (41.1%) and transport and storage (40.4%).

With wholesale and retail trade coming in second with 29,600 more jobs being offered growing by 24.8%. It’s been a good time to be an electrician lately as demand for installation services is up 41%.

Professional scientific and technical activities 22,900 more positions posted to be filled, and accommodation and food service activities up by 25,100.

What can we do to reduce the number of unemployed people?

Some of the most common causes for unemployment in Britain today are a lack of jobs, a skills gap in the workforce, and even a poor economy.

There are many things that you could do to help with reducing this worrying statistic. You could look into job training programs, apprenticeships, or even volunteer in your community. Whatever it may be, there are many options available to you that can help reduce unemployment rates today.

The Future of UK Jobs

Shortly after the pandemic began, remote working roles became prevalent. With the pandemic now in its third year, those working from home continue to be popular.

To recruit and maintain their staff, businesses must embrace digitalisation and flexible workplace culture. It allows them to reduce the impact of absenteeism caused by pandemic-related quarantine. It also provides an excellent opportunity for those individuals who have been forced to give up their careers as a result!

With the number of people holding formal education and CPD certification rising, the UK job market is diversifying, and it’s time to embrace new technologies to stay relevant.

Final Thoughts

Unemployment is a serious issue in the UK. To help combat this problem, we need to ensure that people are adequately trained and can get jobs when they want them.

CPD certification can help people get these jobs and reduce the worrying unemployment rate in Britain today.



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