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9 Things You Can Negotiate in a New Job Offer (That Aren’t Salary-Related)



9 Things You Can Negotiate in a New Job Offer (That Aren't Salary-Related)

A job offer is an exciting opportunity. Often it has much better pay and benefits than your current position, including the opportunity to work remotely. But what happens if the offer package falls short of what you need and know you deserve? If the salary is the only thing checking your career box, here are nine other things you can negotiate before signing.

Relocation costs

A new position might mean uprooting your old life. A cross-country move to your dream job can seem like the perfect way to skip to a new chapter in your life, but moving expenses can make a dent in that competitive salary if you aren’t careful.

If the offering company asks you to relocate, then relocation assistance is a perfectly reasonable request. This stipend can cover anything from moving truck costs to vehicle transport and even paying the penalty for breaking your lease. If you’re moving a vehicle or two, professional car shipping services from a reputable company like Guardian Auto Transport ( can also fall under your assistance package.

Your recruiter is asking you to commute across the country, so they should be willing to negotiate a bit of help along the way.

Remote work

Remote work has become far more accessible to people after COVID-19. Many businesses are adapting their models and allowing hybrid work from home and in-office positions.

Each job will have different criteria for weekly workloads, some of which aren’t possible from your own home office. Asking for remote options within a job position is undoubtedly fair, but it will depend on your ability to accomplish tasks without direct supervision.

For some, WFH isn’t conducive to their lifestyle and work habits, so this entry should be an open discussion with your potential employer.

Flexible hours

Flexible hours are one of the most critical wishlist items people bring into a career. The wiggle room to juggle the rest of your life on top of your work is vital to staying prosperous and healthy. Many employers have a strict schedule, so do your research and see if you’ve lucked up with an employer who will let you bend the clock.

This flexibility might mean leaving earlier on one day for a weekly appointment or evening with your kids. Having the freedom to do what you need outside of your job is crucial to career sustainability, especially if you have children or other obligations.

Childcare and parental leave

Your family should always come first. Whether you already have children or are looking to have them in the future, knowing your potential job’s policy on childcare and parental leave is a must.

The last thing you want is to find out that the new company offers very little support for working parents after you’ve already signed on the dotted line. Speak to the managers and see what they’re willing to do to accommodate your family life. You should also learn all of the relevant policies surrounding PTO and parental leave.

If a potential boss shows that they don’t care much for you and your family, it’s doubtful they would be a worthwhile upgrade.

Health benefits

Your well-being directly affects your ability to work and remain productive. If there are poor benefits surrounding sick days, insurance, and lack of mental health awareness, make sure you push for better benefits.

Ideally, you should have both physical and mental health coverage. Some companies also offer vision and dental. If you need a day off to recover from a sickness or a mental health day, pay attention to the rules and benefits to see if the business has your best interests in mind.


If you must commute on most days during the week, transportation and the cost will be a primary concern. Whether you own a car or are using local transport, the price will add up over time. Repairs, delays, and missed buses or trains are all expenses that can set you back a sizable chunk of your new paycheck.

Speak to the manager about what they offer to help cover transportation expenses every month. This stipend might be a set petty cash amount or company-sponsored public transit passes.

Your start date

Your start date is usually decided early on, but that doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. You may need some time to relocate or leave your old job on good terms, so many employers will be glad to push the date back by a few weeks.

In the early stages, an employer wants to keep you around, and you have a bit of room to negotiate. Once you’re considered a valuable employee in the position, a boss will be much more likely to accommodate your needs.

New equipment

You probably already have a computer and Internet access at home. But if you are looking to take on a new position with a lot of online presence and work, you might need an upgrade. Remote work means that you need a comfortable place to work and safe devices to use.

If the company interviewing you deals in sensitive information, speak with them about providing the proper equipment to keep that data safe. A fast and stable work device will boost productivity without compromising client trust.

Depending on your work style, there may be room for you to request a better desk or work chair at home or in the office. Many companies are increasingly desperate to retain employees and provide remote office work, so you might have a chance to upgrade your tech and improve your productivity with no worries.

Change of job title

You may find yourself applying for one job only to hear different responsibilities discussed in your onboarding. These surprise add-ons might not match the job description or cover all your areas of expertise.

Discuss tweaking the title to match the workload and description of your work. This adjustment might be something to speak with your boss about a year later, once you’ve settled into the position and know what’s involved and expected consistently.


Salary isn’t the only thing that matters when you’re waffling over whether to jump ship to a new company. Investigating your exclusive perks and benefits package will ensure that you know exactly what you’re signing up for when you give your John Hancock.

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