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5 Benefits Of Printed Cotton Bags In 2021

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Nowadays, more and more of us are moving to more environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic carrier bags. With single-use options having a detrimental effect on our planet and wildlife, getting into the habit of bringing reusable bags out and about can make a huge difference. Especially after the implementation of the carrier bag tax, more businesses are offering bespoke cotton bags to their customers in endless designs, encouraging them to switch to a more sustainable and convenient lifestyle.

1. Easy to clean

Unlike paper and plastic carrier bags, cotton bags can be easily washed for an extended lifespan. Their fabric properties mean they can be simply popped into household washing machines for a thorough clean as and when needed, maintaining a hygienic approach and removing any stains or marks which may have appeared. Especially when carrying food, it is common for spillages or crumbs to ruin the appearance of carrier bags, so the ability to be able to wash shopping bags and keep them looking brand new is a welcome addition for shoppers.

2. Added strength

The woven properties of cotton bags gives them extra durability, perfect for heavier goods. Especially for grocery shopping which may include heavier items such as bottles of liquid and tin cans, plastic or paper bags may struggle to withstand the weight and cause breakages at the handles. Using cotton bags removes the worry of weight, allowing you to transport your groceries with ease. With minimal risk of any tears or holes, the likelihood of your items dropping out of the bottom and getting damaged or lost is minimised.

3. Less environmental impact

Traditional plastic bags take around 1,000 years to break down fully and are a huge contributor to the amount of single-use plastic that fills up landfill sites. Cotton bags are a much more environmentally friendly alternative as they can be used time after time thanks to their strong characteristics. For both businesses and consumers, the benefits of fabric bags make the switch to a more sustainable option an easy one.

4. Multi-purpose

The convenient design of cotton bags makes them suitable for a wide variety of uses. With a handy shoulder strap and the ability to fit a good amount of contents, many people can make use of fabric bags on a day to day basis. As well as shopping, common uses include college bags, work bags and travel bags, making them a flexible option that can be used for multiple purposes.

5. Convenient to store

The design of cotton bags makes them ideal for storage, being great for grabbing when leaving the house. By folding it into a small shape and using the straps to secure it, your bags can be easily stored when not in use without creating clutter. Many people choose to keep cotton bags in a drawer or cupboard which is easy to grab when needed but alternatively, keeping one in your handbag or car for unexpected uses is handy for unplanned shopping trips, preventing the need to purchase a single-use carrier bag.


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