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WoW TBC Classic Addons You Should Be Using



WoW TBC Classic Addons You Should Be Using

Addons make playing better. Sometimes, the devs like overcomplicating things and addons can smooth those over with their simplicity. Each one lets players do things more efficiently or more conveniently, whether that’s raiding or farming WoW TBC gold. So here are some addons you should be using to make things easier when you play.


TBC Classic doesn’t let players track quests. Without this addon, you’ll be wandering around blind, trying to track down objectives and NPCs. That can waste time since you never really know if it’s that NPC you need to talk to, or where the objective exactly is.

Questie does all of that for you. Its interface and intuitive use make it an easy pick for an addon. You’ll no longer have to stumble and grope at locations, trying to get the objective but failing. It makes leveling by questing smooth and easy, just follow the marks and complete every objective without second-guessing. You get your experience and your WoW TBC Classic gold faster than blind wandering can.

Deadly Boss Mods

Timing is one of the keys for a successful raid. Bosses usually have a timed mechanic that players have to be aware of, or else they face the consequences. It can be anything from a one-hit kill attack to summoning minions or changing the environment of the battle. The party, when caught off-guard by these mechanics, can end up wiping if they don’t have the Deadly Boss Mods addon.

It provides a timer (in real-time, too) for all kinds of these boss mechanics. With this addon on hand, your team will never miss the timing of countering all kinds of mechanics. If you think only the leader should have this, you can help out by keeping an extra eye on the timer. Your leader is human too, and as such, are prone to making a mistake. Use it as well, for the safety of all the members.


Attunement quests are something Retail players can’t relate to anymore. These are long quests created to grant entrance to a raid dungeon. It’s so long that sometimes it takes days to complete. With long breaks in between, it’s easy to forget your place and the objectives you should be doing.

Attune helps you keep track of everything, so you can reliably see where you are in the quest. Even when you take a break from playing and whatnot, you’ll never lose your place in the quest.


The addon for those who want to know how they’re doing, DPS-wise. Recount is the ideal DPS meter, showing the DPS ranking of players in a neat panel. Be aware that this can help as much as it can hurt, because if you’re lagging behind, there’s no running away from those who have the same addon.

At any rate, this is the go-to DPS ranking addon, great for raiders who want to do better and see what they don’t do well.


The world of Azeroth is big, and many factions live within it. Instead of going through so many menus to keep track of your reputations for each, RepByZone lets you check up on it quite easily. Of course, it only shows your reputation for the relevant faction depending on your location. However, that’s convenient enough at a glance.


Inventory management is something that every RPG player can’t get out of. Unfortunately, organizing your WoW TBC items across several bags can be tedious and frustrating. Bagnon does away with all of that and mixes all your inventory space into one big one. It’ll show everything you have on your character across all the bags currently equipped.

That makes looking for certain items less of a hassle, since you only need to look through one set instead of many.


These are the addons that make life in Azeroth easier and more convenient. Try them out and see the difference in gameplay. Of course, there are other addons for other purposes that you can also use. The ones listed above are just the most popular ones.

Go and make things easier for yourselves. As much as there are quality-of-life upgrades from the original, there’s still much left to be desired. Fill those up with addons, and enjoy playing your WoW TBC Classic account. Have fun playing World of Warcraft, whether Retail, Classic, or TBC Classic!


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