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Version 3.2 Of PUBG MOBILE Supports 120 Frames Per Second

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Version 3.2 Of PUBG MOBILE Supports 120 Frames Per Second

(CTN News) – PUBG Mobile’s smooth and optimized performance contributes to its popularity as one of the most played mobile games worldwide. The good news is that PUBG Mobile’s performance is set to improve even further as Tencent has announced that 120 frames per second is coming to Version 3.2.

It is currently possible to play PUBG Mobile on select devices with smooth graphics up to 90 frames per second, but this is available only on select devices.

In case you are not aware, FPS stands for frames-per-second, which refers to how many frames are displayed on your screen each second. Thus, the higher the number, the smoother your gameplay experience will be.

PUBG Mobile, however, utilizes different methods to optimize graphics and frame rates in order to ensure smooth performance and less overheating. The most common solution to this problem is to reduce the graphics settings in order to achieve a higher frame rate. It’s all about personal preference in the end.

If, however, you are looking to play in a professional setting, we would recommend selecting the lowest graphics setting in order to achieve a smoother frame rate.

If your graphics are lower, you will not have a more difficult time spotting enemies in the game, but rather certain elements will be of a lower quality. A smoother setting is preferred when you are playing professionally, since every second counts.

When will PUBG Mobile support 120 frames per second?

It has been confirmed by PUBG Mobile that the 120 FPS option will no longer be available in the upcoming update Version 3.2. According to Tencent’s bi-monthly update timeline, this setting will likely be released in early May based on the recent release of Version 3.1.

Though the company has confirmed that the setting will be added to the game, it is likely that it will only be supported by certain high-end smartphones. According to a tweet from the company, it will be releasing more information on device compatibility very soon.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the announcement of the 120 FPS feature came at an unexpected time. It has been more than a month since version 3.2 was released, and the current announcement appears to be a reaction to the release of Warzone Mobile, which supports 120 frames per second.

Nevertheless, it is a good sign for gamers who have been waiting for a higher frame rate in the game. This will undoubtedly boost the player base of PUBG Mobile, which is already very large.


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