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Social Casino: Why it’s a better alternative



Social Casino: Why it's a better alternative

The active development of the gambling industry favors the emergence of new trends, including social casinos, such as Gambino Slot. This product is presented to users as an application or website allowing everyone to play roulette, video poker, slot machines, blackjack, and other popular games.

Social casino is a unique online entertainment format offered through social networks. They are developed so that they do not have to be installed on your computer so that you can play them through social networks activated through any internet browser.

You can use them with any device that supports the internet and provides the ability to access social networks. Today, social games are widely spread on social networks such as Facebook and many other new resources in their field.

Virtually every user of social networks plays the games offered, and about 20% of players invest quite real money in them, thus having a direct impact on their success.

Benefits of social casino

This type of gambling, which combines the possibilities of video games and online gambling, owes its emergence to the massive popularity of social networks.

The main feature is that the social casino offers games designed solely for entertainment without monetary bets and winnings and allows interaction with other players, as in online games.

Apart from this, the social casino has other advantages as well:

  • accessibility for people who love gambling entertainment but cannot play at online casinos for various reasons, including personal circumstances or religious beliefs;
  • no risk of losing money;
  • the opportunity to spend leisure time playing together with friends;
  • offer a greater variety of games;
  • the availability of a social casino without being tied to a place or time;
  • the opportunity to gain experience in gaming and the ability to strategize.

Even though there are no bets or winnings in social games, players still need prizes that can be obtained through spins, extra moves, and other bonuses.

There are games in which, to get a reward, you have to watch an advert. That is when you turn on a full-fledged video or in the application, banner, and contextual adverts.

What attracts social gaming users

Understandably, avid players with a lot of experience in gambling may look at social casinos as something not serious. However, for people who are gambling but not sophisticated in real money games and are new to gambling, social casinos are quite an option.

Here, you can hone your skills, for example, in games such as blackjack or poker. This experience will be helpful if one plays online or offline casinos for money.

In addition, social casino players are aware that gambling requires a responsible attitude so that their favorite hobby does not turn into a harmful addiction with negative consequences.

Features of tournaments in social casinos

The Social Games are attended by users who wish to try their luck in free slot tournaments. However, there are monthly social tournaments, such as Social Tournaments, with their prize pool.

Participants are not required to deposit money or register. All tournaments are divided into seasons, before each of which special preparations are made to “heat” users’ interest.

What don’t we know about social casinos?

Depending on the theme and story, social games can be divided into these categories: arcades, object building, quests, maps, and slots.

Now, we come to the most exciting part. According to the developers of such games, their concept has a striking difference from other types of online gambling.

In a social casino, gamers play only for the sake of participating in competitions and raffles, getting achievements, sorting out the plot, and defeating opponents. While gamblers in online casinos more often pursue the goal of bringing monetary rewards.

In this case, the creators of social casinos refrain from saying out loud that their audience spends a lot of money on developing their characters, buying game currency, and accessing closed-in-the-accessible format stages.

Practice shows that more than 50% of social casino players subsequently switch to a paid basis, getting sucked into the gameplay. After the experience gained in the social casino, they are ready to make money bets to get into the standings, leave behind the opponent, or instead get access to inaccessible rounds.

The following factors can explain this behavior of players:

  • a lengthy storyline;
  • a variety of rounds;
  • the opportunity to choose a game character;
  • receiving daily bonuses, tournaments;
  • receiving rewards for achievements, including participation in tournaments;
  • providing bonuses for referrals;
  • the ability to share your achievements through social networks or in the game;
  • conditional free mode.

In addition, free social casinos resort to bribing players with such “enticements” in the form of VIP accounts, game chips, character lives, unavailable rounds, exclusive avatars, and unique character features.


To understand what of the proposed types of entertainment is worth choosing, you need to determine your goals. If your main objective is to generate income, and in addition to pleasure, there is an interest of a financial nature.

Social casinos will not be able to satisfy you 100%. Visitors’ enjoyment from the gaming process can only sometimes bring players the desired emotions. Experienced players believe that a complete degree of excitement is possible only when you feel an actual degree of risk.

This is only possible when playing for real money when someone realizes he can lose everything at once or significantly increase his funds.

Of course, games in both social and virtual casinos have approximately the same principle. Each of them must have a winner and a possible loser. At the same time, the gameplay is equally addictive.

Only in the case of choosing gambling games can the situation end up with worse consequences for the person. One can also get hooked on the games offered on social networks, but people do not risk their monetary finances and only spend time.

The availability of games of any format, both gambling and mobile, is a standard feature, and both of these entertainment options are offered in the mobile version. This means the visitor can return to the gameplay any time, no matter where they are. This is an obvious advantage for both games and certainly impacts players.

Also, social games are becoming a good option for those people who are not yet 18 years old. In addition, they have more strategic principles of the game, which are concluded on fulfilling a particular order of actions. On the one hand, it accustomed people to fulfill the duties they must do one after another in sequence.

Social and traditional casinos can offer a wide range of exciting products, among which everyone can choose a suitable option for themselves. If you are not ready to risk money, you should choose a social casino, but if you are prepared to try your luck to hit the jackpot, welcome to an online casino!

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