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Resident Evil 4 Remake Bosses All Ranked From Easiest To Hardest



Resident Evil 4 remake

(CTN NEWS) – Since Capcom began releasing its classic games that have been updated with the RE Engine, the Resident Evil 4 remake appears to be just what the fans have been hoping for.

The third Resident Evil game divided fans by offering a spectacular action game but it still lacked content. The Resident Evil 2 remake was fantastic but not quite accurate to the original.

With only a few minor changes that have no impact on the gameplay, it appears like Capcom has finally listened to the fans and created a flawless remake, retaining nearly all of the elements that made the original release in 2005 an instant classic.

The bosses in the Resident Evil 4 remake are just one of the numerous elements carried over from the original.

All of them are back and more terrifying than they were in the original, except one.

In order of how much they made me want to rage leave, here are all the major bosses you will see in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

11. Del Lago

Massive amphibian parasitized by the Plaga parasite is the creature that stalks the lake by the settlement. It was exciting to learn that you were going to be fighting a boss in the sea in the first game.

In 2005, Resident Evil 4 was one of the few video games that did this battle style properly.

Even while the Del Lago monster looks and sounds terrifying, especially since you rarely get to witness it, it’s still fairly simple to get the better of it.

Del Lago will be floating dead relatively rapidly if you hold onto your boat, attack the monster with harpoons when it is visible, then dodge when it comes your way.

10. El Gigante Armored

You can find another of their sort in the castle after you fight the original El Gigante in the village.

This beast may seem a little more terrifying because it is now armoured and more enraged, but it is actually quite simple to defeat.

The monster won’t stop hurling boulders in your direction, but this can work to your advantage because he can also take out some enemies standing in your way.

You need to get to a checkpoint outside the castle. It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to finally reach the cannon and fire off the armoured El Gigante if you hide at the appropriate times.

9. El Gigante

El Gigante is undoubtedly one of the most iconic bosses from the original Resident Evil 4, thus he has to be included in the remake. In contrast to the 2005 game, we only encounter him once in the village.

At first glance, El Gigante appears incredibly daunting, but it becomes fairly simple after figuring out how to defeat him.

One of the game’s most well-known sequences occurs during this encounter when the white dog you earlier spared appears to assist you in fighting the monster.

8. El Gigante & El Gigante Armored

Like in the first film, the El Gigante reappears in the mines with his armoured doppelganger. However, there is a surprise in the remake: there is now a duet on either side, but Luis Serra will assist you to make things easier.

He diverts one of the El Gigante beasts, leaving the twin without armour for you to handle. It’s better to lead him to the trap door and open it at the appropriate time rather than shooting and waste your ammo.

Overall, it’s not that difficult to complete. Luis will attach dynamite to the El Gigante vehicle, and it’s up to you to shoot it before it’s too late.

7. Osmund Saddler

Lord Saddler, the mastermind behind everything, is the subject of the remake of Resident Evil 4.

You’d think facing him in person would be extremely difficult, but novice gamers would be astonished to see how easy it is to defeat the Iluminados’ leader.

Saddler is, in essence, a Resident Evil boss. He has a lot of eyes for you to shoot at, a lot of quick combinations that consume most of your life, and he also uses acid.

He will quickly get weak if you aim for his eyes, evade his strikes, knock away his flying parasites, and flee away from close proximity.

Ada Wong will produce a rocket launcher to assist you in dealing the death blow to the monster Saddler has grown into.

6. Garrador

The Garrador was one of the most dangerous foes you might encounter in the first Resident Evil 4,

both for his horrifying appearance and the fact that he can hear even the smallest noises you make even though he couldn’t see you.

He now has a terrifying appearance and voice thanks to the remake’s creative team, who also gave fans one of the game’s spookiest battles.

The best course of action in this situation is to play stealth if you want to do this quickly and avoid wasting your ammo.

To acquire a look of his back and be able to shoot the parasite coming out of it, you can utilise the chains in the room to fool him with noises. Although the Garrador is still a somewhat terrifying boss, dealing with him isn’t all that difficult.

5. Bitores Mendez

In the top 5, things start to become slightly more challenging. The pastor of the church where Leon meets Ashley is Father Bitores Mendez. He appears to be the most terrifying boss in both the original and remake, in my view.

Before you face him in the warehouse where he reveals his full, infinitely scarier mutant form, Mendez crosses your path a number of times.

This boss battle is significantly more difficult due to the cramped fighting area and the burning warehouse. You must avoid all of Mendez’s blows while while waiting for him to turn around so you may shoot the eye in his back.

You have to respond quickly and shoot the explosive barrels he tosses at you to survive the second stage of his metamorphosis.

4. Twin Garradors

Wait till you encounter two Garradors at once if you feel the tension with one of them is excessive.

This encounter will undoubtedly be more tough than the previous one since in addition to the two Garradors, there are also some Ganados, making it very challenging to remain silent.

Fortunately, the space is much larger now, providing you more room to flee and confuse the adversaries along the road, but it doesn’t lessen how difficult this battle is.

While attempting to blast the bells around the chamber to attract the attention of the Ganados, there are numerous Ganados behind you that you must avoid. Although it will take some time, it is incredibly gratifying to win this conflict.

3. Ramon Salazar

The final Salazar family member is a really strange person. Ramon Salazar may not appear to be a threat at first, but after Leon attempts to kill him, Ramon Salazar emerges in all his dreadful glory.

Due to his quickness, Salazar’s form as a carnivorous plant may be rather difficult to defeat. He will roam about the room, trying to bite you all, vomiting a deadly acid that stuns Leon and deals significant damage.

Basically, you have to play hide-and-seek with him on the second floor. Getting a nice angle and shooting within the monster’s mouth is equally challenging.

2. Verdugo 

In this horrifying battle, you finally learn what Ramon Salazar’s bodyguards looked like inside that crimson robe. The Verdugos are a terrifyingly tall and nimble creature created by a genetic experiment using human and insect DNA.

The Verdugo has one of the most lethal skill sets in the game, with swift mobility between vents, powerful tail attacks, and sharp blade charges.

This makes the final battle highly challenging. Although you don’t actually have to murder him, the wait for the lift to arrive is still rather stressful.

1. Jack Krauser

In the first game, it was indicated that Jack Krauser, an experienced soldier, fought alongside Leon in a mission for the US government named “Operation Javier,” which took place two years before the events of Resident Evil 4.

Krauser is now depicted in the remake as the one who truly trained our protagonist for the top-secret government programme Leon was admitted to, which has caused everything to shift.

In the mines, where the master summons his former student for a knife battle, they engage in combat for the first time. It is a fitting prelude to what is to come.

Krauser is still the most difficult boss in the remake, and because it requires several steps to reach him in his final form, the fight with him can also be viewed as the longest.

Your frequent attempts to get parries to weaken this boss keep you on edge, and if your knife breaks, it’s game over for you.

When you think the struggle is finally over, Krauser mutates and acquires his deadly-bladed arms, making things much harder.


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