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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Trick To Kill The Chainsaw Sisters In One Second



Resident Evil 4 remake

(CTN NEWS) – Since the first Resident Evil 4 Remake, when players had a choice in their route, the Chainsaw Sisters have been one of the more challenging bosses.

Which way to turn: left or right On the one side, he runs into the second giant boss of Elquicante.

On the other hand, you will encounter this set of saws, but there is no way to separate them in the Resident Evil 4 remake. only need to meet Aunt Sawyer’s duo.

Trick To Kill The Chainsaw Sisters In One Second

Ashley always conceals in a locker first before fighting with Aunt Sawyer. then visit the employer Additionally, other hostile people will come at us during the battle.

But if we employ this strategy, we can put an end to the conflict swiftly. You don’t need to use ammunition battling additional villagers.

Utilizing a crossbow with explosive projectiles is the technique. About five shots before you hit Explore to start the cutscene, fire explosive darts at the lightbulb.

All five darts will simultaneously detonate at the conclusion of the cutscene. Will readily defeat Aunt Sawaw pair However, there is no indication of the game’s difficulty level in this footage.

You might have to argue with your relative more if you play Hardcore or Professional. if the two sisters are still alive

Another clip skips the narrative by exploiting a scene flaw.

Avoid Arguing With Aunt Sawyer

You will notice that the player bugs into the wall by having to hold the rifle while returning to the wall as shown in the footage, until the game prompts for an autosave and then loading that save again.

Allows you to pass through the wall and encounter Aunt Sawyer across from it.

But Capcom might resolve this bug in the future.


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