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PUBG Mobile’s Top 5 Guns (April 2023)



PUBG Mobile's Top 5 Guns (April 2023)

(CTN News) – Millions of PUBG Mobile downloads on major app stores, with a dedicated player base that enjoys the game daily. With realistic graphics, diverse maps, and multiple modes of exploration, the title offers an immersive BR experience.

Various types of weapons, such as assault rifles and sniper rifles, are also available. Players will, however, find it difficult to select a weapon that matches their personal playstyle with such a vast arsenal at their disposal.

In PUBG Mobile, here are four great weapons to use

5) UMP45

PUBG Mobile players can also try the UMP45 weapon. It is a powerful SMG in the game and offers great fire rate and damage. Due to its hip fire capabilities, the weapon can be used at close range.

It uses .45ACP ammunition and has a high spawn rate. From 25 to 35 bullets a round, gamers can increase their ammunition capacity by using attachments like laser sights and extended quickdraw magazines.

4) DBS

DBS is one of the best shotguns released in PUBG Mobile. With 14 bullets per round and high base damage, it is an unbeatable weapon in 1v1 battles, so it is widely used in international leagues.

Players can use the weapon for close-range combat and assault rifles like the M416 and Scar-L for mid- and long-range combat. There is no room for external attachments on the weapon, and it spawns fairly often as open loot.

3) M416

Among the most versatile weapons in the game, the M416 is widely favored by players. Open loot can be found with the 5.56mm ammunition used in the M416 assault rifle. This gun can be used in close-range, mid-range, and long-range gunfights, where its single tap is particularly useful.

Gamers get decent fire rates and damage per hit from the gun. Low recoil rate makes the weapon suitable for mid-range spraying. To reduce recoil and increase weapon stability, players can also attach grips such as angles foregrips or half grips.

2) AWM

PUBG Mobile’s best bolt-action sniper rifle is the AWM. You cannot find this weapon in open loot. It is exclusive to airdrops. Due to the gun’s ability to eliminate opponents in one shot, gamers have an edge in mid-range and long-range combat.

The player can enhance their stealth by using a suppressor and increase their ammunition capacity by using an extended quickdraw magazine. A fresh level 3 helmet can be knocked down with a single bullet by the sniper rifle.

1) MG3

In PUBG Mobile, the MG3 is one of the best weapons for winning gunfights. As a result of its fast fire rate and 7.62mm bullets, the weapon can deal heavy damage to opponents.

Using airdrops or flare gun drops, gamers can equip the weapon. A 660- and 990-firing rate is available with the gun. A 660 fire rate makes it suitable for mid-range and long-range combat, while a 990 fire rate makes it suitable for close-range combat.


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