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Leaked Half-Life Source Code Reveals G-Man’s Death Sequence



Leaked Half-Life Source Code Reveals G-Man's Death Sequence

(CTN News) – Half-Life left us with many unanswered questions, such as who or what was the G-Man? Do you know how many experiments Black Mesa was running at that time?

Why was one science nerd able to defeat an army of tanks and helicopters with a literal army of nerds? Are all of the security guards clones of each other?

As things stand, it doesn’t seem like we will be able to answer any of these questions in the near future. It is true that we can extrapolate a bit more about the G-Man from the sequels and Half-Life: Alyx, but he remains a mysterious figure.

However, we have gained a few more details about him thanks to a leak of Half-Life: Source assets that reveal a few more details about him.

Despite the fact that no information regarding the G-Man himself has been found, leakers have managed to uncover some animations that suggest that at some point, the developers did not make him an unstoppable juggernaut who could shake off bullets with ease.

Data miners have discovered what appears to be a death animation for the mysterious bureaucrat as revealed by a Twitter handle named… Magic Nipples [sigh]. Valve may have planned to make him killable at some point during the development phase of the game.

In all likelihood, the animation team just created the sequence as a back-up just in case something went wrong.

It must be said, however, that while we did not discover anything brand-new about G-Man as a result of the leaks, the leaks provided an answer to a question that many players have been wondering about right from the start of the game.

Are you familiar with the ridiculously long train ride that you have to endure as part of the intro sequence? In the Half-Life course of your journey, you will pass by an Apache helicopter that appears to be gearing up for takeoff at one point.

After a lengthy wind-up, the train passes by before taking off, leaving you wondering whether or not the train did, in fact, take off after such a long build-up.

According to our data miners, they were able to find Half-Life animations showing the chopper taking off, but we were not able to see them.

In addition to this, there’s also an animation showing the chopper crashing down during the Half-Life video. It is unknown if this is the same chopper or if it is the military chopper that can be shot down.

In addition to this, there was also uncovered code for “Cut Gargantua [animations], Cut Assassin [animations], full set of animations for Ivan, day one animations for Gordon, early Valve guy textures, HD textures for Random Shit, and the source code for the devtest campaign.”

It is worth noting that Half-Life Ivan the Space Biker was the original character model for Gordon Freeman, in case you were wondering.

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