Fortnite: Eliminate a Player Without Ranged Weapons



(CTN News) – Fortnite has a lot of ranged weapons at your disposal. However, one of this week’s challenges asks you to put them away for something that is a bit closer to your face and more personal.

During the game, you will be required to eliminate a player who does not have a ranged weapon in their inventory while they are on foot. This seems to be a fairly straightforward process, doesn’t it?

Besides the fact that you will need to get close to your target, you will also not be able to defend yourself with a ranged weapon anywhere on your person, or in your inventory, since you will need to get as close as possible to it.

What should you do in this situation?

You can use ranged weapons in Fortnite to eliminate a player. However, you can also use a ranged weapon to eliminate a player, so you can earn some XP in the process.

Without a ranged weapon, how can you eliminate a Fortnite player? 

It is very likely that if you play Fortnite a lot, you will be accustomed to getting your kills with some kind of gun. This is because you are used to getting kills guns.

The use of firearms is not allowed for this particular challenge, so the use of guns in this challenge is out of the question.

It seems wise a pretty smart idea to use the shockwave hammer here. However, if you find yourself in a bind, there is nothing stopping you from damaging a player with a gun and then finishing them off with your pickaxe.

This is if you are in a tight spot.

It is relatively easy to Fortnite locate the Shockwave Hammer, but you will also need a bit of luck in order to get one.

There’s a high chance that one will drop from these sources if you spend some time searching chests and taking capture points.

This is because these sources have a chance of dropping one. As well as this, it is worth mentioning that there is a greater chance of finding the hammer in larger chests than in smaller ones.

In the event that you Fortnite choose to soften up your enemy with gunfire first, make sure you remove all ranged weapons from your inventory before you finish off the enemy with your choice of melee weapon of choice to ensure that the kill will be recorded.


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