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Bonuses are something that can motivate you to place bets on crypto gambling platforms such as N1 Bet Wetten. If you like gambling, then you should know that this isn’t the only thing that might interest you. There are other aspects of online casinos and Crypto Betting Sites, such as different bonuses and promotions. Today we’ll talk about bonuses in the crypto world.

Types of Crypto Bonuses

The first thing you need to know about the bonuses on crypto betting sites is that they are usually connected with cryptocurrencies. You can find many different types of bonuses, for example:

Deposit bonus – this type of bonus is equal to a certain portion of your deposit. For example, if it’s 100% from 1-10 BTC, then you’ll get a bonus of 10 BTC.

Withdrawal bonus – is a sum that you receive when you withdraw your money from the site for the first time. This doesn’t happen often, but it does exist.

Referral bonuses – a certain amount of money is given to a user who suggests a friend play on the website. Referral bonuses are the most popular on crypto betting sites because they motivate players to not only register but also make their friends play there as well. Bonuses usually depend on a user’s activity and part of the income from the bet goes to these promotions.

Free spins – when you get free spins for one game, it means that when playing with your balance, you won’t spend anything.

No-deposit bonuses – usually when you sign up on the website and register in some way, you receive a certain amount of money to bet with. If you win something, then this bonus is yours to keep. It’s very rare for this bonus to be more than a few dollars.

Free bets – It allows you to place a bet without using your balance or any other money in your player account. You simply use the bonus amount and play all you want. Free bets usually come with specific terms and conditions.

Comp points – This is similar to the loyalty program found in traditional casinos. The more you play, the higher your comp points are. These can be exchanged for real money.

Jackpots – the biggest sum, which is given to a player who wins a jackpot or one of the progressive jackpots. This bonus isn’t only about the money you receive, it’s also about your status and pride. Jackpot games are the most popular, so it is no wonder they come with a large bonus. Among such games are Keno, Race-Bets, Sotos, Sci-fi, and many more.

These are some types of bonuses, but there’s much more than this, as we can see. The main thing that makes them different is the amount that you receive, as well as the requirement of receiving it. There are no specific rules for all bonuses, but there are some parameters that determine which bonus or promotion you’ll get.

Requirements and Limits

The first thing that determines what bonus you’ll receive is your status on a betting site. It can be a basic member, VIP, or a high roller. Every status has its own requirements and these can affect the bonus you get. An example would be:

High rollers – usually receive bigger bonuses than standard players, but they need to deposit more money in order to get it.

VIPs – usually receive the same bonus as high rollers, but they don’t need to deposit as much money.

Basic members – the lowest status, which means that it’s harder for them to receive a bonus.

This is a basic idea of how different statuses affect bonuses on crypto betting sites. There are no specific numbers and you should pay attention to what your status says about your benefits. The next thing that determines the amount of your bonus is the betting site. Every website has its own rules when it comes to bonuses, so there’s no general number or set of rules you could follow. To be honest, every website is different and has its own terms and conditions for receiving bonuses.

This all probably sounds really complicated right now, but you’ll get used to it. The last thing you need to know is that the amount of your bonus can be found in your account settings, so you can always check how much money you’ve won.


Now that crypto betting has become very popular, the world of online gambling is full of websites offering various bonuses to attract players. Most of them feature easy requirements and simple rules, so it’s really not hard to figure out how much money you’ll get and when. The only thing you need to do is choose a website with a bonus that seems most appealing to you and start playing.


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