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4 Things you Need To Know Before Gambling Online



4 Things you Need To Know Before Gambling Online

1. Prerequisites for Online Gambling

You need to have more information about the online gambling sites and know which fits you. Before you register for an online casino site, you need to consider the following;

a) Game Selection

Before registering at the site, you need to consider the types of games being offered to its players, if it has a range of games to select from, and the availability of online slots if you are interested in slot machines.

b) Special offers and Bonuses

The majority of gambling sites give different bonuses and offers. They do this to attract more customers to their site. It will help if you read the bonus rules for new members of various sites. This will enable you to know which one gives more, and this will help you by any chance to increase your funds tremendously if you win.

c) The Users comments

You need to know about the players’ views and the experience of players at different casino sites. This will make you understand how they support their customers, how the site is used, and how to cash out. By doing this, you will conclude which site you can register with.

d) License and Customer Service

You need to check if the online gambling site is registered by the Australian government and has a license. This will make you trust the casino. Also, you need to know how they offer services to their customers. You should know how they communicate with their customers and how efficiently they respond to customers’ grievances.

e) Methods of Payment

You need to know which payment method they use for their customers. It will help if you research how these casinos operate in depositing and withdrawing money. This is a vital factor you need to consider when choosing a gambling site.

2. Types of Gambling

In Australia, there are various Gambling in which less than a million people gamble regularly. They have different odds of winning than that of losing.

They are of two categories;

I. The games in which its odds cannot be affected by the player’s performance. They include; Casino games, Keno, and pokies.

II. Games in which knowledge and skills in playing increase the chances of winning. They include racing, Sports betting, Poker, and Bingo.


These games can be played on any electronic device; smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many others.

Description of various types of Gambling;

1) The Poker game

It involves Poker machine computers that have been programmed. They are designed to make players enjoy using them, making it possible to bet.

When using it, you need to know that you have more than a 13% chance of losing if you use large amounts of money while playing.

The machine in use is usually programmed not to lose, and the longer you play, the higher your chances of losing.

You have a chance of winning the premium prize at any spinning. In one spin, you have a chance of winning 10 million.

It’s odd that it does not change even if you press the button several times.

2) Sports betting

This involves betting on different sports; football, cricket, horse racing, basketball, and others.

Your chances of winning in this Gambling depend on your knowledge and skills of the particular sport.

You have to do a lot of research on the particular sport before placing your bet.

Winning in this field does not depend on experience; even new gamblers have higher chances of winning.

3) Casino games

In this type of Gambling, you buy a ticket to play for some amount. Its chances of losing and winning depend on ‘chance.’

You need to control yourself when playing it.

Know its odds and the payout.

Your winning chances on any number are 1 in 38 spins.

Top online Casino sites:

Hell Spin,

Ricky Casino,

Bizzo Casino,

Wolf Winner

All these sites give bonuses and free spins depending on; the amount you play with. Click here and find the top Australian Online Casinos and Pokies.

The Best Australian Betting sites in 2022:





Bet 365,


3. Online Gambling Laws

In Australia, Laws regarding Gambling are not harsh to online gamblers.

But, you need to know that gambling regulators are involved in governing Gambling in the Country.

They include:

  • Victoria Commission for Liquor and Gambling Regulation
  • New South Wales.
  • Australian Capital Territory.
  • Federal Level

Examples of Acts regulating Gambling.

  • Casino Act 1993’
  • Casino Control act 1991’
  • ‘Gambling Regulation Act 2003’
  • ‘Unlawful Gambling Act 2009’


You need to know all these laws depicted by these regulators so your Gambling may not be affected, for example, being judged for certain misconduct.

You need to know that; laws protect you from depositing and withdrawing from offshore gambling sites.

I inform you that you need to know that ‘In-Play’ betting is not allowed in Australia. This is a scenario where you place your bet as the competition continues. This you are allowed to do at any offshore sports gambling site; this is illustrated in the Act mentioned above, which guides Gambling in the nation.

4. Impacts of Gambling and its remedial measures

Gambling affects any individual who indulges in it. It has affected many Australians since they have lost huge amounts of money.

I inform you that Gambling has harm not only to the gambler but also to friends, family, and society. Research done by Godwin and his Colleagues in 2017; found out that a gambler affects their surroundings either 6, 3, or one individual(s).

You need to know that if you engage in Gambling, your spouse and children, close relatives, and friends will be affected by your Gambling.

You need to understand that once you start to love Gambling, you will become a victim of it. This is because it affects your choices because of addiction; hence your regulation on practicing it is lowly regulated.

I inform you that quitting Gambling is also easy. Even if you are still interested in it because it influenced your life, you can still abandon it.

They are services offered by institutions to people who want to quit Gambling. This help will bring you back to your normal life.


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