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The Most Popular Online Betting Sports Discipline in Australia

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Sportsbook websites offer dozens of sports disciplines for online betting. Lists of provided kinds of sport reach 30-40 items. Yet, some of them are more popular while others are less common. Cricket is the top discipline on Australian bookmaker websites. It is offered on; dozens of markets and lines are provided to make any kind of prediction.

What is Cricket?

Cricket is a team game with a ball and a bat. It is popular in Asia, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. The game is a competition between two teams, each of which includes 11 people. The competition takes place on an oval grass field, where participants take turns hitting the ball with the bat, trying to score the maximum number of points, while opponents try to interfere with them.

A bowler and a batsman are the main players. The task of the latter is to send the ball as far as possible from the opponent in order to have time to cross the field during this time. In terms of style of play and rules, cricket is a bit like baseball.

Various championships and cricket tournaments can differ significantly in terms of rules, the number of participants, and the game format. The first world championship between three states (England, Australia, and South Africa) was organized in 1912. But, weather conditions did not allow determining a winner. The second time the World Cup was held in 1975, and since that time, the Cricket World Cup final is held every 4 years. Australia has won the Cup 5 times. It is an indisputable leader in the championship. India with the teams of Pakistan and Sri Lanka follows the country.

Types of Bets on Cricket

Online sportsbooks offer wide lines of markets to bet on. The most common ones in online betting are:

1. Betting on handicaps

There are two types of this kind of bet, depending on the rules of the game. The handicap by total runs means that a bettor can add or subtract a number from the points that the team scored in the game. There is also a handicap on the number of wickets that have been knocked down. This type of bet is not found in every bookmaker, however, there is an opportunity to “catch” it.

2. Betting on outcome

The simplest type of bet is a prediction on the outcome of the match, that is, the win of the first team, the second club, or a draw.

Note that in a first-level cricket match, as well as in test matches, a tie can occur. At the same time, in a one-day or T20, the result has only two outcomes – the victory of the first or second team, without a draw. Thus, betting on draws in cricket is not the best strategy.

3. Betting on total

Making predictions on totals in cricket involves online betting on the number of runs per game. Bookmakers offer a wide line of game totals. For example, an individual total is the total number of points scored by one of the teams.

Totals for a certain period of time, after several overs or before the destruction of the first wicket are also common among online bettors.

4. Additional bets

These are options that do not appear on a regular basis in the line of the bookmaker. As a rule, they appear in the line of major tournaments.

It is quite common to predict the exact score (even or odd). Sometimes, the bookmaker receives an offer to bet on match statistics.

Making forecasts on the first innings is another popular bet. As a rule, the bet is offered in the line of test matches.

In addition, the better has the opportunity to make long-term bets. They can predict the winner of a championship or tournament in advance.

5. Special bets

Cricket is a special sport, so the lines of bookmakers are not limited to standard types of bets. In each game, non-standard outcomes can be predicted.

For example, you can bet on who will be the best batsman or bowler. To do this, follow the statistics of the players to understand who has the most chances to take 1st place in the ranking.

Online betting on the draw is common. Traditionally, the game starts with a draw to determine which team will attack first. You can predict its outcome.

Cricket is loved by Aussie bettors. Thus, online sportsbooks try to please them and offer a wide list of competitions and bets.


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