What Is Omicron XE? And Its Variant Symptoms



A new subvariant of Covid Omicron XE has been discovered in the UK along with a high number of overall cases.

According to the World Health Organization, the new variant of the virus was first identified on January 19.

The UK health officials, however, have stated that at present there is not enough evidence to draw definitive conclusions about the Omicron XE.

What is Omicron XE?

Omicron XE is a recombinant variant that occurs when two or more variants are transmitted at the same time.

It results in the mixing of their genetic material within the patient’s body.

Over the course of the pandemic, several recombinant variants have been identified, so this is not unusual.

XE is a recombinant of the Omicron BA.1 and BA.2 strains, with BA.2 driving most UK cases.

Omicron XE Variant Symptoms

Given the current situation, it is hard to say if it is fatal. Nonetheless, knowing the signs and symptoms will help you avoid contracting the infection. Here are some symptoms.

A variant of this is being studied. Early symptoms include fever, sore throat, cough, mucus and cold, and stomach pain. Furthermore, the new variant can be even more dangerous for those already ill.

The vaccine may affect the new variant since it is a mutation of the original Omicron. During the third wave of vaccinations in India, the omicron effect was different from that in the second wave.

How transmissible is Omicron XE?

According to a report published on March 29, the WHO believes XE has an advantage in the community growth rate of 10% over BA.2. However, this finding needs to be verified.

XE belongs to the Omicron variant until significant differences in transmission and disease characteristics, including severity, are shown.”

According to health officials in the UK, modeling of data between January 15 and March 15 indicated that XE could grow by 9.8% over BA.2.

Prof. Susan Hopkins, Chief Medical Advisor, UKHSA, explained: “This particular recombinant, XE, has shown a variable growth rate and we cannot yet confirm whether it has a true growth advantage.

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