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Wearing Face Masks Is Now Voluntary In Most Places In Thailand



Wearing Face Masks Is Now Voluntary In Most Places In Thailand

(CTN News) – The Royal Gazette has published the latest edict clarifying any confusion regarding face masks.

Mask wearing is now a voluntary practice so that people can live closer to normal conditions. In crowded places, areas where there is a large gathering of people where social distancing is impossible, or in poorly ventilated spots, the Ministry of Public Health recommends wearing a mask to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

If you read between the lines of the latest announcement on Face masks, you can wear one in public spaces and on the streets, but not on public transportation. Although the official announcement raises plenty of questions, the real-life impact will be fewer people wearing Face masks on the streets of Thailand.

It remains to be seen how fast Thais and expats can reverse their 2 year and 2-month habit. Like in Singapore, many speculate that some residents will continue to wear Face masks in public places for quite some time.

Mask-wearing rules will also apply to private businesses and organizations, such as shops, taxis, and airlines.

Additionally, Thai government offices and schools are likely to continue wearing Face masks at this time. As we navigate our daily lives, we’ll need to keep a mask handy. In the case of a private company or office that requires you to wear face masks for their services, there’s nothing you can do except put one on or leave.

From now on, the Thailand Pass and mandatory US$10,000 travel insurance for incoming travelers will no longer be available, ready for the July 1 removal of both.

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