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Thailand Develops Cannabis Test Kits That Detect THC Levels Within 15 Minutes



Thailand Develops Cannabis Test Kits That Detect THC Levels Within 15 Minutes

(CTN News) – Thailand removed marijuana from its narcotics list, but extracts containing more than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol – the “happy” chemical – remain illegal. Until now, no one knew how to enforce the law that discourages recreational cannabis use.

Thailand’s Department of Medical Sciences developed marijuana test kits that detect THC levels in 15 minutes. The “Test Kann” can measure the amount of THC in cannabis flowers, oils, food, and cosmetics.

Department of Science develops a cannabis test kit for 0.2% THC

Many cannabis enthusiasts were confused by the government’s “0.2%” THC rule, not knowing whether it would apply to marijuana flowers, a pure form of marijuana, or only to “extracts” such as oils or foods containing cannabis.

Cannabis flowers are not subject to the rule, according to the Thai government. In fact, the Department of Corrections has pledged to return 16 tonnes of marijuana confiscated from drug offenders.

Since June 9, cannabis dispensaries have opened across the country, openly selling cannabis flowers with high THC levels. Some potent strains contain more than 20% THC.

To ensure cannabis products contain less than 0.2% THC, the cannabis testing kits – which cost less than 100 baht to produce – will likely be used to test drinks, food, oils, cosmetics, and oils. Products with higher levels will be considered illegal narcotics.

Until the tests are ready for sale, 15,000 test kits will be given away for free to organizations in need.

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