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Police in Bangkok Halt Investigation into Brutal Attack on Political Activist

Despite having security camera footage of the attack, Bangkok police have been unable to identify any of the four men.



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Political activist Sirawith “Ja New” Seritiwat has expressed disbelief after Bangkok police halt investigation into his violent assault. The political activist was brutally assaulted in Bangkok in June of last year.

Despite having security camera footage of the attack, police have been unable to identify any of the four men. The four men beat him with baseball bats on a main road in Min Buri, Bangkok, on June 28.

The activist wrote on his Facebook page that his family received a letter of notification from Bangkok police.

He posted the police letter, which said, in Thai:

“The investigation into the case has already been completed and the probe report was forwarded to public prosecutors, who recommended that ‘the investigation should be halted’ on the grounds that evidence gathered could not identity who were involved.

CCTV footage was not clear enough to capture the faces of the attackers so that arrest warrants could be issued. An examination of CCTV recordings could not provide any clue where the attackers stayed or fled to. If the police investigating the case find substantive evidence to identify the offenders, arrest warrants will be issued and legal action taken.’’

Mr Sirawith asked just when his attackers would be brought to justice and when the investigation would continue. He also wondered if men in uniform were involved.

His post drew sympathy and encouragement from supporters. People who roundly criticized police for failing to arrest the assailants despite the clear surveillance camera footage showing the attack.

The activist sustained serious injuries when he was attacked and beaten with baseball bats by four men about 11am on June 28 at the mouth of Ram Intra Soi 109 in Klong Sam Wa district of Bangkok.

The Bangkok activist suffered sever injuries from beating

Sirawith "Ja New" Seritiwat

He was admitted to intensive care at Hospital where a brain scan showed no hemorrhaging. Furthermore that he was conscious, but he could not respond. His external injuries included a fractured eye socket, bleeding in the eyes and a broken nose.

On June 29, Future Forward Party MP Rangsiman Rome said he had obtained security footage showing four men violently attacking Sirawith.

Mr Rangsiman wrote on his Facebook that he and two other party MPs had inspected the attack scene. Also that he and spoken to vendors and motorcycle-taxi drivers in the area. They confirmed the attack occurred on the main road on that day.

Political activist Sirawith Seritiwat writes on his Facebook page on Thursday that he received a police letter notifying him of the situation in the case in which he was assaulted on June 28 last year. He also posted a copy of the police letter.

Source: Bangkok Post

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