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Police in Pattaya Crack Down on Kuwaiti Street Racers Who Make Traffic Worse



Police in Pattaya Crack Down on Kuwaiti Street Racers Who Make Traffic Worse

(CTN News) –  In South Pattaya’s busy streets, the noise of Middle Eastern street racers revving their engines late at night has become a traffic problem for residents and businesses.

Hotel owners say that some guests have had to cancel their stays because of the noise. The Pattaya police station sent officers to the Soi Yen Sabai area of South Pattaya early this morning.

People in the area had been complaining about a group of mostly Kuwaiti young adults who were making trouble with their rented, souped-up motorbikes.

People complained that these young men were making a lot of noise with their revving engines and making things hard for others by parking their cars all over the alley.

This careless attitude led to parking in front of people’s houses without permission and driving up and down the street loudly and carelessly, ignoring traffic laws.

The Pattaya News said that the angry residents and visitors also said that the riders didn’t have proper licenses or insurance and didn’t wear helmets.

When the cops got to Soi Yen Sabai around 1 a.m., they found that the street was completely blocked by parked motorcycles, which stopped normal traffic.

Law enforcement tried to get the group to move on by sending out patrol cars with sirens and making statements, but no one cared. The group stood around and laughed as they watched the cops.

At the end of the fight, the cops took away 15 motorcycles blocking traffic. They want to go to court against the tourists and the companies that rented the cars to them.

A hotelier who didn’t want to be named said guests were leaving early because of all the noise. He asked the officials to be stricter with tourists who were being so troublesome.

In Pattaya, tourists from the Middle East seem to be getting into more car crashes. On July 17, a Kuwaiti tourist was going as a passenger on a motorbike when he hit a traffic barrier with his leg.

This case shows how important traffic safety is. Pattaya Police have tried to work with the Kuwati ambassador to solve this problem by asking him to teach the Kuwati people about the road rules in Thailand.

But so far, this hasn’t seemed to work. People in the area are getting louder about wanting stricter regulation because there are still problems and more accidents are happening.

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