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Netflix Adds ‘Two Thumbs Up’ Option To Give Better Recommendations



Netflix Adds 'Two Thumbs Up' Option To Give Better Recommendations

(CTN News) –  Netflix has added a new way to curate your homepage with even better recommendations: Two Thumbs Up. Users will now have the option of giving a TV show or movie a “Two Thumbs Up” rating if they “love” what they just watched.

Netflix’s new ‘Two Thumbs Up’ option

Netflix will be able to incorporate the new feature along with its existing Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down controls. With Two Thumbs Up, users can indicate that they really liked something, and it’s been a highly requested feature.

Netflix director of product innovation and personalization experiences Christine Doig-Cardet told The Verge, “Members have never had as many great entertainment options as they do right now.”. You’ve got to be able to find the shows and movies you’re going to love. Netflix will continue to be the place where you can easily choose what to watch.”

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down replaced Netflix’s five-star rating system in 2017. Doig-Cardet says users weren’t satisfied with indicating which shows they liked and disliked, and the new button should help subscribers better navigate Netflix’s gargantuan library of shows and movies.

The streaming giant offers one of the most user-friendly experiences and is constantly testing new features to help users find stuff to watch. It launched a Top 10 row in 2020, a Play Something feature in 2021, and enabled editing of the Continue Watching row on devices earlier this year. More customization tools and features are coming, says Doig-Cardet.

“We hope to end choice fatigue this year,” Christine Doig-Cardet says. “This is a huge part of where we want to invest — giving more control back to the user to tailor their experience to their tastes.”

Netflix’s web, TV, Android, and iOS interfaces will include the Two Thumbs Up button starting today.

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